Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In case you didn't know...

I realize it's been awhile since I've really taken the time to get on here and update about life. Seems it's always just quick posts of videos, links, or something else. So, allow me to catch you up a bit...

First off, this summer the Barr clan decided to divide and conquer. I traversed into the great unknown (for me anyway) of Haiti, leaving Nichole behind to hold down the fort in Cincinnati. Our parental unit decided it was time for the other children to cut the apron strings from their older siblings and head toward southerly climes, this landed them in Lexington, NC. So to those of you that knew and loved dear 560 Maple...alas, it is ours no more.

It was definitely weird to come back to Cincinnati after being gone 6 weeks, only to realize that everything had changed while I was away. (Well, OK, CE was still on Central, I still owned a Contour and we still didn't have a dog, so I suppose not everything had changed.)
It was rather hard to adjust to the fact that my family was no longer just a few minutes from my house though. I mean after all, they did move just four days before I left, so my brain wasn't really registering it up til then.

Anyway, they actually rented a U-haul. Amazing right? It is if you know my family at all...we've moved in everything from make-shift boat trailers, to a short, white bus (talk about making a first impression!). I actually have a few pics from the process...

They technically tried to move partly in a convenience trailer, but something went a rye with the axle or something. I was at work by that point and didn't really understand the whole story, but they ended up having to leave that loaded trailer behind and they came back for it like a week or so later.

Oh, and here's a pic of the cool door Dad was leaving behind and I had Nichole snag for photo ops.

Lastly, here's Dakota's "moving day" face.

I have lots about Haiti to try to fill in, but today's not the day. Also, I have a few other random, interesting tidbits and stupid moments from my summer. I'll try not to be too long with my next installment...but if you're interested in my trip, there are several posts on my internship blog at: www.portauprincepostings.blogspot.com

Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm trying out a new web toy...

...well, it's new to me anyway. You can see for yourself at: Tumblr

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For all you VW lovers out there!

Friday, June 18, 2010

If you wonder where I'm at...

check www.portauprincepostings.blogspot.com

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And so begins the journey...

Just before 3am this morning I had a visitor...Alanna Smith. Wonderful girl that she is, she volunteered to take me to the airport. No one really wanted this job since my flight left at 6am and was leaving Dayton.

Thankfully, she was up for the job. In fact, she went above and beyond the call of duty and got a pass so that she could sit with me and see me off! What a friend!

I'm currently sitting in the DC airport, waiting to board. Things seem to be on time and moving quickly...I'm getting really excited!

I'll keep you posted as possible...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A leave of absence...

As of Wednesday, June 16th, I will be heading on my first ever, out of the country adventure! I'm incredibly excited...and of course nervous. I'm hoping you all will be praying for me!

I just wanted to let you know that I'll be neglecting this blog during the time away. Well, most likely anyway.
I won't be returning stateside until July 28th. You can, however, try to keep up with me via FB or my new blog that's specifically for my trip. The addy for that is:


I hope you will look me up ever so often, and please leave comments -- who knows, maybe I'll be crazy home sick and it'll help. (...or make it worse, but I'd rather have the comments than not.) =]

Anyway, hope you all have a good summer. I'll be back with stories to regale you with in no time, I'm sure. Take care(and feed Hewy for me)!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finding my inspiration...

I was just taking a look at some of my old photo albums on FB, and I couldn't help but feel a little inspired. I need to get back out there with a camera. I miss it. Here's a link to the album that inspired me:


This is DEF. my fav photo album ever!

Here's a peek at a few of my most recent photo shoots...

Kimberly Brown's senior pics and a few of her with her roomie, Lauren. Thanks girls, I enjoyed it!

Check out this link for the full album:

My cousin wanted a photo shoot in Cincy before he moved back home, so we had some fun with it. Nichole even joined in with a matching tee for a couple pics. I think they enjoyed giving each other a hard time...brought back a little of our childhood...

Check out this link for the full album:

That pretty much sums it up. I'm hoping to try to do some more soon, but unfortunately my dear Doris is no longer with us, so I'm waiting until I can find a replacement.

Come to the USA!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two options...

Regret is a terrible thing - wishing to go back and change things, feeling haunted by one's past, fearing it will catch up with you.

There are so many things in life one can regret. It's amazing how many ways one person can mess up -- so many ways this person has messed up.

Even more amazing -- how easily those mistakes can track you down.

Perhaps it's not even your own mistake. Maybe it's that of a friend or family member, but it haunts you and hurts you.

Maybe the shame is yours.

Maybe it's a shared shame - maybe you're ashamed in someone else's place - perhaps it's a stupid action - or maybe it's simply a lack of action...there are so many possibilities it boggles the mind.

Today has my stomach in knots. It's rolling from regret. Regret in misplaced trust. Regret for poor decisions on my part. Regret in not taking action.
Along with regret, I often face fear. Today's fear - fear of my past. Fear for my future.
I've felt this fear before. It's consuming, it's sickening...yet -- it's got to be given to God.
The vulnerability must be given to Him, the regret, the fear, the all-consuming, sickening fear in the pit of my stomach...that has to go to Him. Otherwise, I'm lost.

I find myself uncertain of where to begin. Uncertain of how to move forward. Uncertain of myself. Uncertain of so many things.
This time I'm different. Life's different. Things are already messed up. It's just an addition. More to the load. Another of Life's turning points. I'm none to eager to turn...to reach for those bootstraps...yet there are only ever two options...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gaga unleashed...

I just enjoyed the enjoyment they seemed to be getting from this. Life should be lived in good humor...and this is.(FYI: no, I'm not advocating Gaga. She's ridiculous.)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ode to the Cleaning Lady

Repetition, repetition
All day long.
Repetition, repetition
Going strong.

Repetition, repetition
Fold those sheets.
Repetition, repetition
Again next week.

Repetition, repetition
Dust that room.
Repetition, repetition
Where's my broom?

Repetition, repetition
Missed a spot.
Repetition, repetition
Thanks a lot!

Repetition, repetition
Scrub the shower.
Repetition, repetition
Don't make squat per hour.

Repetition, repetition
Room by room.
Repetition, repetition
French costume.

Repetition, repetition
Wet the mop.
Repetition, repetition
You high school flop.

Repetition, repetition
Same thing each week.
Repetition, repetition
To bad you aren't a Gleek!

Repetition, repetition
Sing a little louder.
Repetition, repetition
Gotta pass those hours.

Repetition, repetition
Stupid cat!
Repetition, repetition
Chase it with the vac!

Repetition, repetition
What a life.
Repetition, repetition
Wishing money was rife.

Repetition, repetition
Gotta pay the bills.
Repetition, repetition
This job makes me ill.

Repetition, repetition
All my days.
Repetition, repetition
Windex haze.

Repetition, repetition
Family maid.
Repetition, repetition
I smell like Glade.

Repetition, repetition
For the cleaning lady.
Repetition, repetition
Probably do this til I'm eighty!

I just had to share this with you all...

Check out the 2010 Bad Poetry Contest, only going through this week! Funny stuff. Send something in, who knows maybe you'll win! Anyway, at least enjoy the laugh.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Epic fail:

Vicious circle...

“Insecurity leads to a lack of action.
Lack of action leads to a loss of opportunity.
Loss of opportunity leads to regret.
Regret leads to longing to change something.
Longing to change something leads to desire for the impossible.
Desiring the impossible leads to hopelessness.
Hopelessness leads to vulnerability.
Vulnerability leads to helplessness.
Helplessness leads to insecurity…”

Friday, April 30, 2010

A bit about the 'burg (Gatlinburg, that is...)

Recently I went with a group of around 29 GBSers to Gatlinburg. It was a missions retreat, and boy did we retreat!

I went on this same trip with a different group of students during my freshman yr. I wasn't sure if it was wise to try to enjoy the same basic thing twice, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the time away. It's always nice to refresh and refocus with fellow believers, especially when surrounded by so much evidence of our Creator.

The cabin we stayed in was the same one I'd been in previously, but the beauty of the mountains around us still caused me to stand in awe. We serve such an artistic Creator!

We enjoyed several times of hiking in and around those mountains while we were there. Our hope to hike in Berea, KY on the way home was dampened *chuckle* by the persistent rainfall we had follow us most of the way back. (I would def. recommend hiking there if you're into that sort of thing!)

Along with hiking, we did some shopping, just hung out together, and had some great times of fellowship.

Mr. and Mrs. Keep, along with Mr. and Mrs. Glick, shared with us each day. We had a morning and evening session each day we were there. They were encouraging and helped challenge us in our spiritual growth.
The things shared were so applicable, and the time of singing and worshiping together was beautiful.

I often think about how those are the moments I want seared into my brain so I can look back on them when the hard times come.

I can still recall several things that Andrea Whiteman(then) shared with us my freshman yr. and I know I've used and called on those memories. I pray God uses this weekend for a long time to come in my future.


A couple things to note, I am no longer American...my roomies turned me Kenyan.

I stayed with Nichole, Lornah, and Olivia O. I had a blast with these girls!

They shared about their families, they shared music, they answered probably a billion questions, they tried to help us...um, find a "sense of rhythm"...and over all just were great roomies.

In return, Nichole and I taught them valuable things like how to get a trucker to honk at you, and what having your blankets ripped off your bed (after you've snuggled down of course) feels like.

We sang loudly and off key together in my car, and probably listened to every genre of music...including several country selections after Olivia asked us for something "exotic". I think Lornah appreciated it though...I mean whats not to like about Josh Turner's voice after all?!

Another point of interest were the times spent in the car. We had quite a bit of that, so we decided they needed to be livened up. We tired of singing and grooving after a bit, so that's when the whole "get the trucker to honk" thing started in, but there weren't enough truckers around to satisfy us...so we improvised!

We pulled up alongside the other cars (we had a seven car long caravan!) in our group and tried to get them to honk for us. Mostly they just looked at us funny and waved, but I noticed a trend amongst the Glick cars...they all honked. In fact they were the only cars to honk for us. THANK YOU GLICKS!

We also did some other things such as, wrote signs to hold up for the other cars, they read things like "Have you seen my Llama?" and on the other side I believe there was a reward offer for it. We had one with the basic message of the Bible...I mean we were a group of caravaning GBSers after all!
Another time we had stopped due to traffic, so everyone in our car put an arm out their window and we flapped/swam/rowed for awhile.

Needless to say, we had fun together and enjoyed our time away. God blessed us with His presence and blessed us with a wonderful, enjoyable trip!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


To any who care...

I'm working on an update from my recent trip to Gatlinburg(or "the holiness Mecca") and just a bit of what's new in my blasé life.

Patience - it's a virtue.

Don't Feel Like Dancin'

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Living with strangers

Today I realized something. I spend most of my time in homes of people I know little, to nothing, about.

Don't get me wrong, I don't walk into random houses and hang out. Usually these are people that either my friends have worked for, or my various employers know or have some relation to.

I find myself dusting pictures of people I don't recognize, so I make up stories about their lives. I give them personalities based on their smiles, attire, and posture.
Sometimes I learn their real names, like when my newest employer took me from room to room introducing me to every family member via photograph (very proud mother/grandma - I remind her of her fourteen yr. old grand daughter...she said it's my enthusiasm).

The funny thing is, I probably know more about my employers than they'll ever know about me.

I watch them interact with those around them - friends, spouses, children.
I notice their selection of books (there's a story in itself!).
I see their individual styles and now recognize it as I walk through stores.
I know what they're particular about and what they'll never notice.
I see what movies they like.
I know their birthdays based on the arrival of cards and gifts.
I know what religion they are (or aren't).
Their pets recognize me.
I know almost every inch of most of their homes, from the basements up.

All in all, I know and practically live with a bunch of strangers. I know facts and family, but I'm in the dark about their dreams or their goals, their fears and nightmares. And the truth is, they know even less about me.

I care about them and their lives, about their eternal souls...in fact we've talked about my faith, but ultimately we're still strangers, there are unwritten rules of conduct - what's OK and what's too much. There's an invisible wall that separates our lives...and for that matter society and the classes separate us.

Some of the places that I'm most comfortable in aren't even my home...I spend most of my week living with strangers.

Image courtesy of: www.billfrymire.com

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Per request of Mrs. Eavey...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yo-Yo Ma, Dasani - Lime essence, and The Message

At this present moment I am sitting at my comp, listening to Yo-Yo Ma & The Silk Road Ensemble. I like it. There are a few pieces that lose me, but for the most part, I'm finding it relaxing and soothing.


Has anyone out there "in radio-land" ever listened to/read any of Mary Higgins Clark? If so, are they any good? Also, if so...which ones? I was looking at some at the library, but wanted to ask someone that would be familiar w/them for a good one to start with.
I'm trying to read some new authors, so over break Nichole assigned Ten Little Indians by Agatha Christi to me for our little challenge. (Joc, Nichole and myself each picked a book for the others to read over break.) I liked her, so was told to check out MHC, but no specific one was suggested.


So, favored water isn't usually my thing, but I'm starting to like some of Dasani's...even though it's taken like a month and a half for me to finish the left overs from the TE party. They were given to me, which was exciting...until I tried one, but at this point I've drank enough of them to actually like them. The strawberry/kiwi is now gone, so I'm working on the lime. Will I buy more? No.


This semester is off to a good start. The first week I already felt like I was behind, but things are starting to level out.

I recently spoke at Main St. Chapel, and I want to give God the glory for helping me. I seemed like the service went well, and I was pleased with the outcome. God really helped me.
Also, that same Sunday, I was blessed with the opportunity to lead a little girl in the sinner's prayer. Her name is Lisa, and she really needs your prayers. I know God has great things in store for her, so let's just pray that she can dig in, and become a grounded Christian. I'd ask that you pray for me, as well as my workers, because we're quite probably the only Christian influence in her life right now.

Revival with Randy Brown has been excellent. He's full of practical, applicable messages, with just the right amount of humor. I'd like to have the messages he's given on CD. Think I'll bug Gumby about that.
I love Bro. Brown's "flair" in attire. Guess I just notice snazzy ties & suits that aren't always black.
"Gotta dress well in case they don't think you preached well."

First night of revival, I was leaving my room to head to the chapel, and as I was looking for my Bible I just grabbed the first one I came to. This happened to be the copy of The Message I picked up, over Christmas break, at Family Christian. Seeing how he spoke from 1 Samuel that night, and my copy was NT only, it turned out to be a fruitless effort on my part.
Now my reasoning for mentioning this...anyone that's read much of The Message, what are your thoughts about it?
I have a hand out from Doc. Brown, so I'm not looking for the argument for or against it, I was just wondering what you, personally, think about it, and perhaps in what context you would/wouldn't use it.
My family discussed it a tiny bit on Christmas, and I just enjoyed the discussion.

Actually, branching out, what translation of the Bible do you use, or prefer? I love reading/comparing various translations. I think I most enjoy the NASB.


Oh! Would anyone want to give me the Photoshop elements 101 by chance? Or perhaps point me to a book/website that they've found helpful? I've been tinkering around with it, but I'm feeling quite a bit lost to be honest.