Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Finding my inspiration...

I was just taking a look at some of my old photo albums on FB, and I couldn't help but feel a little inspired. I need to get back out there with a camera. I miss it. Here's a link to the album that inspired me:


This is DEF. my fav photo album ever!

Here's a peek at a few of my most recent photo shoots...

Kimberly Brown's senior pics and a few of her with her roomie, Lauren. Thanks girls, I enjoyed it!

Check out this link for the full album:

My cousin wanted a photo shoot in Cincy before he moved back home, so we had some fun with it. Nichole even joined in with a matching tee for a couple pics. I think they enjoyed giving each other a hard time...brought back a little of our childhood...

Check out this link for the full album:

That pretty much sums it up. I'm hoping to try to do some more soon, but unfortunately my dear Doris is no longer with us, so I'm waiting until I can find a replacement.

Come to the USA!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two options...

Regret is a terrible thing - wishing to go back and change things, feeling haunted by one's past, fearing it will catch up with you.

There are so many things in life one can regret. It's amazing how many ways one person can mess up -- so many ways this person has messed up.

Even more amazing -- how easily those mistakes can track you down.

Perhaps it's not even your own mistake. Maybe it's that of a friend or family member, but it haunts you and hurts you.

Maybe the shame is yours.

Maybe it's a shared shame - maybe you're ashamed in someone else's place - perhaps it's a stupid action - or maybe it's simply a lack of action...there are so many possibilities it boggles the mind.

Today has my stomach in knots. It's rolling from regret. Regret in misplaced trust. Regret for poor decisions on my part. Regret in not taking action.
Along with regret, I often face fear. Today's fear - fear of my past. Fear for my future.
I've felt this fear before. It's consuming, it's sickening...yet -- it's got to be given to God.
The vulnerability must be given to Him, the regret, the fear, the all-consuming, sickening fear in the pit of my stomach...that has to go to Him. Otherwise, I'm lost.

I find myself uncertain of where to begin. Uncertain of how to move forward. Uncertain of myself. Uncertain of so many things.
This time I'm different. Life's different. Things are already messed up. It's just an addition. More to the load. Another of Life's turning points. I'm none to eager to turn...to reach for those bootstraps...yet there are only ever two options...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gaga unleashed...

I just enjoyed the enjoyment they seemed to be getting from this. Life should be lived in good humor...and this is.(FYI: no, I'm not advocating Gaga. She's ridiculous.)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ode to the Cleaning Lady

Repetition, repetition
All day long.
Repetition, repetition
Going strong.

Repetition, repetition
Fold those sheets.
Repetition, repetition
Again next week.

Repetition, repetition
Dust that room.
Repetition, repetition
Where's my broom?

Repetition, repetition
Missed a spot.
Repetition, repetition
Thanks a lot!

Repetition, repetition
Scrub the shower.
Repetition, repetition
Don't make squat per hour.

Repetition, repetition
Room by room.
Repetition, repetition
French costume.

Repetition, repetition
Wet the mop.
Repetition, repetition
You high school flop.

Repetition, repetition
Same thing each week.
Repetition, repetition
To bad you aren't a Gleek!

Repetition, repetition
Sing a little louder.
Repetition, repetition
Gotta pass those hours.

Repetition, repetition
Stupid cat!
Repetition, repetition
Chase it with the vac!

Repetition, repetition
What a life.
Repetition, repetition
Wishing money was rife.

Repetition, repetition
Gotta pay the bills.
Repetition, repetition
This job makes me ill.

Repetition, repetition
All my days.
Repetition, repetition
Windex haze.

Repetition, repetition
Family maid.
Repetition, repetition
I smell like Glade.

Repetition, repetition
For the cleaning lady.
Repetition, repetition
Probably do this til I'm eighty!

I just had to share this with you all...

Check out the 2010 Bad Poetry Contest, only going through this week! Funny stuff. Send something in, who knows maybe you'll win! Anyway, at least enjoy the laugh.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Epic fail:

Vicious circle...

“Insecurity leads to a lack of action.
Lack of action leads to a loss of opportunity.
Loss of opportunity leads to regret.
Regret leads to longing to change something.
Longing to change something leads to desire for the impossible.
Desiring the impossible leads to hopelessness.
Hopelessness leads to vulnerability.
Vulnerability leads to helplessness.
Helplessness leads to insecurity…”