Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dug up from the ashes

In cleaning out our basement this summer, I happened upon a couple poems I'd written before college. I thought I'd share two of them with you. Keep in mind please, that these were written about four(five-ish?) yrs ago. Also, the first one was written about one of my coworkers - this is based on her story, and the second one is a continuation - this was/is my hope for the rest of her story...

Life's Road

Wandering aimlessly down the road,
I took in the scenic view.
The world around me was gorgeous,
All that was missing, was you.

I tried to forget all about you,
But that was to no avail.
I kept thinking of how you'd be with me,
If it hadn't been for all the betrayal.

I had loved you with all of my passion,
I had given you all of my youth.
You had loved me til' it was old fashioned,
Til' I finally realized the truth.

I just wasn't enough to keep you,
My heart, you have ripped it in two.
But I'm stronger than you give me credit,
So, I'll tell you that we are now through!

This charade must not keep on going,
My heart cannot pay the steep price.
I asked that our love now be ended,
I've tired of being so nice.

This wasn't the way I had planned it,
This shouldn't have happened at all.
We were s'pose to spend forever together,
But you decided to fall.

While this was your decision,
Mine is quite different you see,
For I am starting all over,
And you, no longer hold the key.

So down this road I'll still wander,
Without you holding my hand.
I'm stronger than I ever imagined,
Thanks to fighting, and taking my stand...

*Photo courtesy of:*

-Dedicated to C.K.
(I will not post any details of her story, because it was shared with me as a friend, but I will tell you that though not an ideal situation, I do admire her strength through those years...)

And now for my prayerful addition to her story...

Life's Road (part 2)

I've wandered down many a pathway,
Since that first road so long ago.
My life's changed a lot since that wrong turn,
It's no longer awkward and slow.

This road that I've traveled has changed some,
It's brighter, and not so alone.
I now have my kids, and my family,
My house once again is a home.

The strength that I found all those years back,
Has helped my heart learn to mend.
When I struggled to find my firm footing,
What I found were the arms of a Friend.

A Friend that has always been there,
Though I never knew til' now.
For this Friend is my Heavenly Father,
And to Him on my knees I now bow.

Those years when I always felt helpless,
Like things would never work out,
I realize now He was with me,
Showing me His holy route.

So I hum as I walk on my journey,
I'll sing as I stroll down the lane,
I've no idea what roads lie before me,
But now God is my comfort in pain...

The condensed version

Last week was crazy busy for me, and since coming back it hasn't been much better - OK, maybe it has - anyway I thought that I'd just give you a brief(mostly photos) update of what I've been doing lately...hope it satisfies. I'm leaving out Kidz Adventure for the time being, but I may post about it later...
(There are tons more pics on Facebook!)

Everything turned out beautifully...

...and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I was reminded how much each of these friends mean to me - I love you all!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

All in a days work...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Almost time...

Exhausted, she crawled into the backseat of the mini van that was parked in the McMillan driveway. Grabbing a pillow, she stretched out as far as possible. Muscles relaxing - sleep began to take hold. Drifting in and out of consciousness, she heard rain begin to fall. Waking long enough to enjoy the sound of it falling onto the roof of the van, she thought about the hours left before her return trip. "Soon, very soon...I get to trade this seat for my guest bedroom bed."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

In action

After having run hither, thither, and yon all day, I caught a pic of Miss Charlotte in action - the action of telling me this better not end up online! So what, in turn, did she really force me to do?...thats right - post it for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy!

Monday, June 15, 2009


I am off to visit distant lands...and some not too distant lands. I will be spending this Mon-Thurs at the Beulah Grove camp grounds for Kidz Adventure, and then Thurs. afternoon I will be flying from Dayton to SEATAC...which is in Washington for those of you that didn't know that(like myself). I'm excited about both, but also hating that feeling of "I know I forgot something!" and wondering when I'll realize what I forgot.

I'm going to WA for Brenda McMillan and Brandon Goulet's wedding. It's been over a year since I've gotten to see them, so I'm looking forward to the visit. Leanna, Cheryl, Missie, Kristen, and Zach are all flying in as well, so it should be a blast! All of us girls, minus Kristen of course, are staying at a motel together -- Brenda and her sis are staying w/us too!

I'll let you know if anything really exciting happens during my trip(s). I may try to update via my phone, but I don't know if I'll have the time or care to. So, try not to miss me too much! Take care all...catch ya in a week(ish)!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

On the prowl...

I've been reading. Yep...just for fun. So nice to be picking up books just because I can, but its funny you know since college, my reading style has changed so much!

Pre-college I devoured "Christian romance" novels -- wow -- things sure have changed!

I actually planned to "get back into them" this summer for the singular reason of doing some "mindless" reading. Now don't get me wrong...I am NOT trying to knock anyone that reads, and enjoys reading, these books. I have just realized that they no longer hold my attention, and I feel like I'm just treading water w/them.
I don't feel like I benefit, in any way, another words.

I know that many people can truly relax and unwind w/a good Lori Wick or the like, but after having picked one up this summer, I became so easily distracted I thought I'd never get through the book! Almost drove me crazy! To say the least it was not relaxing.
Also, school has me very programmed to analyze what I'm reading, and I really don't enjoy analyzing Lori Wick. (Besides, to be honest, it does absolutely nothing positive for " ...therewith to be content." Phil. 4:11b)

So I've decided to try a new tactic -- reading for depth.

In my mind this does not mean, I'm limiting myself to only Christian written bestsellers. I am simply trying to make the books I read count, in some way, in my own life.
I want to learn from them, be challenged by them, and also expand my understanding of the faith I live by because of them.
(I do fully intend to throw in a Foxtrot comic every once in awhile though -- but who ever said you can't learn from Foxtrot anyway?)

I don't have some finalized list of books to read for this summer, but I have stumbled onto a couple good ones already, and I'm on the prowl for more. This week I've read:

*What Christians Believe, by C. S. Lewis -- amazing break down of the core of Christianity.

I read this partly for my own benefit, and partly because I enjoy C. S. Lewis, but I read it mostly because I'm seeking to best explain some of the questions one of my employers asks, and I was thinking about giving it to her to read.

*The Five People You Meet In Heaven, by Mitch Albom -- I thoroughly enjoyed this one!

Though obviously not in alignment with the Biblical description of Heaven, I found it thought provoking none the less. So many thoughts came to mind after reading this book. Here are a few questions it brought to mind...
~Who have you personally affected in a life-changing manor?
~Have you helped alter the direction of a life in any way?
~Thinking of the spiritual, have you allowed your words, thoughts, and deeds (your life in general) to be used of God for this purpose?
~Upon reaching Heaven, how many will be there because you were willing to be God's tool...?


I think I may start A Child Called 'It' tonight, not sure, still deciding what's next. Let me know if you have any suggestions on a good read, no promises, but I'm interested in ideas!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Random finding from days gone by...


I was perusing through some old pictures on my parents comp, and found this one from a make-shift photo shoot I set up in Oklahoma. Made me laugh, thinking back on all the things I used to drag into that room and try to create props from. Well, just thought I'd share a little piece of my, yeah.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Changes have been made...thank you Captain Obvious!

Twas' an interesting week...

~Sunday -- Not going there, except to say that my God is Supreme!

~Monday -- Worked. Played volleyball w/friends. Loved it, played well, somehow killed my back.

~Tuesday -- Was stuck in bed all bed in some crazy pain! Finally got out of bed around 6:20 PM. Had to rescue my father from a flooded vehicle, and pick up my sister from back was throbbing by the time I got home, around 1:30 AM.

~Wednesday -- My darling sister Jocilyn made it possible for me to work. She handled what my back couldn't(even w/the help of tons of IcyHot!). Had to spend most of the rest of the day in bed though. OH! Almost forgot, cops found bombs rigged all over stolen goods in the building across the street from Dad's restaurant, along with a meth lab in the back. They also found AK47's in the building. Apparently he rented storage from my Dad too, and in that building they found a fenced in sand pit that was harboring an alligator! (true story)

~Thursday -- Jocilyn saved the day again, big time. I probably did way to much this day...crashed afterward. I did get to take Jocilyn to Cincinnati Mills mall for a b-day surprise that evening though.

~Friday -- This was Jocilyn's actual b-day, yet she continued to be my faithful companion to work! Sad to say, yes, my back is still giving me problems...lifting much of anything is nigh impossible. We did, however, grab lunch afterword, hit up Payless, and Garden Ridge. Was a very enjoyable afternoon together. I can't believe she's 18! Happy birthday kiddo!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The view from where I'm standing...