Friday, November 27, 2009

Wishing you some holiday cheer!

Well, it would seem that the cold is finally upon us. I'm not gonna complain though, it is Nov. after all, and this isn't Florida. Besides, I've been told that I'm more of a winter far as clothing goes that is. (Makes me wonder if that means it covers my "not a size 6" body better.)

I will admit to having a love for hoodies though. They're the best part of the winter...well, next to ice skating, but I can do that year round anyway.


I think I ate more at lunch yesterday than I have in an entire day since school began. I enjoyed it as I was eating, but then afterwards I was miserable. I haven't eaten anything since. I'm still not hungry...and it's supper time on Fri! But MAN was it good! I sooo love my mom's cooking.


I'm studying the book of Proverbs right now, and I'm enjoying working through it again. I want to be a wise woman of God, and I know God desires that for me, so we're working on it together.

God's been so faithful to my needs this semester. I know He's always been there for me -- providing as needs arise -- but I think my eyes have been opened more lately to how many different ways He works in my life. I've been very grateful to belong to Him.


Things are fixin' to get even more busy in the next few weeks around GBS. Finals, the Christmas program, work of course, and the other normal business. I can't believe how fast this semester has gone. It's been a fairly good semester, even though it's def. had it's highs and lows.

Just want to take a moment to list some of the things I'm thankful for:

-- God's patience and unconditional love
-- My family (we're in it all together)
-- My friends (they love me regardless)
-- My jobs (I don't love cleaning, but I like keeping my bills paid)
-- My car (it's only had minimal probs so far, and for that I'm very grateful)
-- My D-group (they're amazing women of God and I love them all)

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Christmas season!

“Christmas gift suggestions:
To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect."

~Oren Arnold

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For those w/o Facebook...

I posted some new pics to one of my FB albums this morning, and since I just enjoy this album so much, I thought I'd share it.

I realize there are a couple of you (*cough cough Kimberlee cough*) that don't have FB, so here's the link:

I'm thinking about printing these out and creating a real photo album of them. (Random!) Anyway...enjoy!

Monday, November 9, 2009

* Warning* Chai and McRibs do not go together...

in fact, you could completely do away with all McRibs and never bother me.

OK...this is kinda a long post. But I'm not going to apologize b/c I'm not sorry, I'm just long winded. Be glad I'm not a preacher...specifically yours.


So -- last Tues. I spent 6 hrs. standing outside in the cold. I was passing out voting issue info flyers, but admittedly I was mostly in it for the money. (She said unashamedly.) I've found myself needing to make up hours lately and it's been interesting to see how God's been working that out.

Actually, I rather enjoyed myself for the most part...except for the freezing part.

I stood across the street from the local Church of God...can't remember it's full name, sorry. So this was pretty much my view for 6 hrs...

There were several interesting things that occurred, some funny, some odd, some sad.

First, there was Sarah. She seemed normal enough, but was scanning the sidewalk for something.
Curiosity caused me to ask how she was doing and if I could help her find whatever it was she was looking for.

"Fine. Just looking for a battery."

I finally noticed the camera in her hand. It seemed nice enough, but nothing amazing. I just assumed she'd dropped a battery and was retracing her steps. As I started looking with her, she mentioned that she'd found one, but it'd been the wrong size.
Only then did it occur to me that we weren't looking for her battery, we were looking for a battery.

At this point I was thinking,'ve really gotta be into photography to wander the sidewalks searching for random, stray batteries. (Artists...right?! Wrong.) After awhile she wander off, and I lost track of her...

Now enters a nameless man. He wanted to know what I was passing out. I explained and showed him.
When he saw the flyer about keeping the casinos out of Ohio, he latched on. From here he preceded to give me every possible reason that they're "a bad idea".
I agreed with him for the most part...some of it made no sense so there was nothing to agree with, but what really amused me was his coffee cup -- Texas Hold 'em Champion.

I was enjoying talking to total strangers, ppl that I would normally walk past and never think to chat with.
I share a city with them, and found the interaction with my neighbors fascinating.

Several came up with creative ways to avoid taking my flyers.

One guy went with the "flatter and distract" technique. Sadly, it worked.

"How you doin' Beautiful?"

Followed up with a huge grin, I just had to chuckle, and shake his outstretched hand. After exchanging the normal, "Doing alright, how 'bout yourself?" I let him escape.
A couple others tried to sneak past, and when I talked to them anyway, they simply told me,

"No thanks, I'm a registered felon."

Interesting approach. *shrug* Hey, whatever works.

At this point Sarah was back, and I could hear her talking the guy on the corner out of a couple bucks. He wasn't interested in her offered camera though. She also wanted a ride, so with that they headed somewhere (yet again) out of sight.
I wasn't really thinking dedicated artist anymore. Maybe hard up and trying to sell that camera, but not artist...

Not much happened until she got back. Then she just hung around that corner. We didn't talk much, except to comment on the car that drove by on it's rim. (We'd heard it blow, as did the driver, but they decided to continue on anyway.)

I finally stopped for lunch and asked her if I could bring her back some beef stew. She didn't seem offended (which I'd worried about) but she said no. She informed me she was just waiting for someone...although, she used more colorful words.

After lunch, I was joined by Jocilyn...and not long after by a stray Pitbull.

It looked very skinny and hungry. Once it was within about 2ft. of me, I spoke to it, trying to warn it of my superiority.
It sorta jumped, as if it hadn't seen me there b/f which was weird to me, but quite alright. With that it wandered away...only to return via the alley directly behind me.
This disappearing and reappearing act continued for about 15-20 min. until it was finally gone for good.

My cousin, Ashley, and Stephanie Stowe joined us a little after this. The day was rather boring after this though(too bad for them).

Oh, except for the concert I went to that evening - BarlowGirl/Superchic[k]. I had a blast! Thanks for the ticket John and Ashleigh!

Well, I suppose that's my Tues. in a nutshell, or on the web...whatever.