Tuesday, December 29, 2009

One question...

Who decided that giving Dakota weapons for Christmas was a good plan?

Think ppl! In this, we all suffer! Ping pong ball gun, refill darts and ammo belt for last year's gun, suction dart shotgun, outer space noise maker gun, real bow and arrows, and I'm starting to consider the hot wheels track a part of this list...

I know I missed something, but you get the general picture...think Saving Private Ryan, and come rescue me!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just for you...

"Sisters. Sisters. There were never such devoted sisters..."

I finally bought (although I'd never seen) White Christmas. I rather enjoyed it...
"Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister, and Lord help the sister, who comes between me and my man". hehehe

I would call our Christmas this year a smashing success. Everyone seemed to like what they received and enjoyed giving what they'd gotten for each one, but more importantly than all that, we really enjoyed each other.
We had a great lunch, played games, watched movies, and just generally loved each other. I am so blessed by this fact. I realize there are others out there that didn't have such a pleasant and loved-filled holiday, and so I want to continue thanking God for His goodness to me and mine. He's been so faithful to us this year.

I've been noticing some changes around our home. Don't worry, they're the good kind. I don't care to share them here, but I do wish to acknowledge them and once again thank my Maker for His care and concern over every area in our lives. Do feel free to pray for our family though, as we may have some big changes headed our way, but that's not for certain yet.

All in all, I think this coming year holds great potential for myself, my family, and my friends. I wish you all well as you ring it in, and can't wait to see you once you return from your various places of escape.

Be safe, love God, and HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tis' the season...

We finally had everyone home at the same time last night, so we managed to decorate the tree - which, by the way, turned out to be a "Fraser" fir not to be confused with "Fraiser". *that's a knee slapper all right...huyuck huyuck*
I think it turned out quite nicely, even though Mom and Dad turned down some of my more "creative" suggestions for homemade decorations...

This year should prove interesting since Dakota has discovered what mistletoe. He keeps standing under it just waiting, and waiting. If you venture to visit, beware of the doorways.

I, personally, feel much more festive since I'm almost done with all my shopping(finishing the rest today I think) and have most wrapped and under the tree. *Phew!* Too much wrapping...but I did get a little more into it than the norm this year. I bought ribbons and bows, tons of paper, boxes, and bags...they're turning out quite nicely if I do say so myself.

All in all, I'm very thankful to be enjoying this Christmas season with my family.
Hope you all are too!

Monday, December 7, 2009

The crunchiness...

...it's that time again. Everything is due, nothing is done(not really true), and not a bit of it holds my attention.

Ok, so the Christmas program is over. I'm glad to be honest. And no...I don't plan to be in it again next year. I'm now retired. It feels good.
I think things went well with only a few rough spots here and there.

This weekend was just far too busy for my liking, and it left me absolutely exhausted! I slept for close to 5 hrs. this afternoon just in recovering from it all.

I had to cram a bunch of class stuff into Friday, and then of course that was the first night of the program too.

Saturday I worked cleaning for what seemed like forever, then did some Christmas shopping, which to be honest I had been dreading for a multitude of reasons, after which I raced back to take care of a couple odds and ends b/f rushing to the program again. After Sat. night's performance I went to a Megan's house in order to spend some time w/Val since she was staying there...and of course we didn't get to bed until 3ish.

Sunday I rushed back for the service at the school...and let me say, it was well worth rushing for. God's hand-tailored that service for me I think. After that I got to meet Mr. and Mrs. Fraizer finally, and then later I went to my ministry, which Lauren so graciously agreed to plan out this week -- heaps of blessings on her head! -- and then back in time for a few more odds and ends b/f yet another performance. *Phew*...and that was my weekend...


Tonight I have just finished putting together and typing out my final two devotionals for Major Prophets class, along with filling out my reading logs and writing the reflection for that class. I'm thinking I might post one or two of my devos from that class actually...

I'm also working on filling out Christmas cards, cleaning my room, and wrapping a few of the gifts I bought on Saturday.

So much to do, so little time...

*Remember...only you can prevent forest fires.*

Friday, December 4, 2009

The kiddnapping that never happened...

I don't know my words to my songs for Christmas choir...and that of course is my own fault. I have no desire to go sing tonight, but that's exactly where I'm headed as soon as I post this. Not to mention my lovely congestion that just keeps hanging on for dear, sniveling, life!

Leanna REALLY wanted to hang out tonight...might partly be due to the extended curfew.



She's not in the program, or going to see it tonight...but everyone else is. The plan was for her and Cesar to conk me over the head and then toss me into a car so we could hang out. Oh well, what can I say? My friends are lousy kidnappers, so I suppose I shall go Bible(ify) myself...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiffany is...

-up to her eyeballs in tissues

-tired of doing school work in general(especially math and Wes. Civ.)

-excited about the ppl she invited to come to the Christmas program

-munching on homemade Chex mix...it's the BEST!

-putting off some homework

-thankful for God's provision

-wishing for a puppy

-hoping she'll remember the words to sing this weekend

-dreading the coming cold(er) weather and the snow it brings

-impatiently awaiting the arrival of the newest Profitt

-feeling her southern pride today


-really wanting to watch Bones

-really hoping to see part 2 of the Monk finale this weekend...dumb continuations!

-not a fan of Walmart(horrible place for compulsive shoppers!)

-still studying Proverbs

-now done with this post

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wishing you some holiday cheer!

Well, it would seem that the cold is finally upon us. I'm not gonna complain though, it is Nov. after all, and this isn't Florida. Besides, I've been told that I'm more of a winter person...as far as clothing goes that is. (Makes me wonder if that means it covers my "not a size 6" body better.)

I will admit to having a love for hoodies though. They're the best part of the winter...well, next to ice skating, but I can do that year round anyway.


I think I ate more at lunch yesterday than I have in an entire day since school began. I enjoyed it as I was eating, but then afterwards I was miserable. I haven't eaten anything since. I'm still not hungry...and it's supper time on Fri! But MAN was it good! I sooo love my mom's cooking.


I'm studying the book of Proverbs right now, and I'm enjoying working through it again. I want to be a wise woman of God, and I know God desires that for me, so we're working on it together.

God's been so faithful to my needs this semester. I know He's always been there for me -- providing as needs arise -- but I think my eyes have been opened more lately to how many different ways He works in my life. I've been very grateful to belong to Him.


Things are fixin' to get even more busy in the next few weeks around GBS. Finals, the Christmas program, work of course, and the other normal business. I can't believe how fast this semester has gone. It's been a fairly good semester, even though it's def. had it's highs and lows.

Just want to take a moment to list some of the things I'm thankful for:

-- God's patience and unconditional love
-- My family (we're in it all together)
-- My friends (they love me regardless)
-- My jobs (I don't love cleaning, but I like keeping my bills paid)
-- My car (it's only had minimal probs so far, and for that I'm very grateful)
-- My D-group (they're amazing women of God and I love them all)

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and have a wonderful Christmas season!

“Christmas gift suggestions:
To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect."

~Oren Arnold

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For those w/o Facebook...

I posted some new pics to one of my FB albums this morning, and since I just enjoy this album so much, I thought I'd share it.

I realize there are a couple of you (*cough cough Kimberlee cough*) that don't have FB, so here's the link:


I'm thinking about printing these out and creating a real photo album of them. (Random!) Anyway...enjoy!

Monday, November 9, 2009

* Warning* Chai and McRibs do not go together...

in fact, you could completely do away with all McRibs and never bother me.

OK...this is kinda a long post. But I'm not going to apologize b/c I'm not sorry, I'm just long winded. Be glad I'm not a preacher...specifically yours.


So -- last Tues. I spent 6 hrs. standing outside in the cold. I was passing out voting issue info flyers, but admittedly I was mostly in it for the money. (She said unashamedly.) I've found myself needing to make up hours lately and it's been interesting to see how God's been working that out.

Actually, I rather enjoyed myself for the most part...except for the freezing part.

I stood across the street from the local Church of God...can't remember it's full name, sorry. So this was pretty much my view for 6 hrs...

There were several interesting things that occurred, some funny, some odd, some sad.

First, there was Sarah. She seemed normal enough, but was scanning the sidewalk for something.
Curiosity caused me to ask how she was doing and if I could help her find whatever it was she was looking for.

"Fine. Just looking for a battery."

I finally noticed the camera in her hand. It seemed nice enough, but nothing amazing. I just assumed she'd dropped a battery and was retracing her steps. As I started looking with her, she mentioned that she'd found one, but it'd been the wrong size.
Only then did it occur to me that we weren't looking for her battery, we were looking for a battery.

At this point I was thinking, wow...you've really gotta be into photography to wander the sidewalks searching for random, stray batteries. (Artists...right?! Wrong.) After awhile she wander off, and I lost track of her...

Now enters a nameless man. He wanted to know what I was passing out. I explained and showed him.
When he saw the flyer about keeping the casinos out of Ohio, he latched on. From here he preceded to give me every possible reason that they're "a bad idea".
I agreed with him for the most part...some of it made no sense so there was nothing to agree with, but what really amused me was his coffee cup -- Texas Hold 'em Champion.

I was enjoying talking to total strangers, ppl that I would normally walk past and never think to chat with.
I share a city with them, and found the interaction with my neighbors fascinating.

Several came up with creative ways to avoid taking my flyers.

One guy went with the "flatter and distract" technique. Sadly, it worked.

"How you doin' Beautiful?"

Followed up with a huge grin, I just had to chuckle, and shake his outstretched hand. After exchanging the normal, "Doing alright, how 'bout yourself?" I let him escape.
A couple others tried to sneak past, and when I talked to them anyway, they simply told me,

"No thanks, I'm a registered felon."

Interesting approach. *shrug* Hey, whatever works.

At this point Sarah was back, and I could hear her talking the guy on the corner out of a couple bucks. He wasn't interested in her offered camera though. She also wanted a ride, so with that they headed somewhere (yet again) out of sight.
I wasn't really thinking dedicated artist anymore. Maybe hard up and trying to sell that camera, but not artist...

Not much happened until she got back. Then she just hung around that corner. We didn't talk much, except to comment on the car that drove by on it's rim. (We'd heard it blow, as did the driver, but they decided to continue on anyway.)

I finally stopped for lunch and asked her if I could bring her back some beef stew. She didn't seem offended (which I'd worried about) but she said no. She informed me she was just waiting for someone...although, she used more colorful words.

After lunch, I was joined by Jocilyn...and not long after by a stray Pitbull.

It looked very skinny and hungry. Once it was within about 2ft. of me, I spoke to it, trying to warn it of my superiority.
It sorta jumped, as if it hadn't seen me there b/f which was weird to me, but quite alright. With that it wandered away...only to return via the alley directly behind me.
This disappearing and reappearing act continued for about 15-20 min. until it was finally gone for good.

My cousin, Ashley, and Stephanie Stowe joined us a little after this. The day was rather boring after this though(too bad for them).

Oh, except for the concert I went to that evening - BarlowGirl/Superchic[k]. I had a blast! Thanks for the ticket John and Ashleigh!

Well, I suppose that's my Tues. in a nutshell, or on the web...whatever.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wouldn't it be lovely?

Today, as I gathered my usual array of cleaning supplies, I realized something I had just done - stepped only close enough to the "rag" closet to be able to lean way over, open the door, and stretch just a little bit more to retrieve a rag...


Well, because when I took this job(nearly 3 yrs. ago), Witney had mentioned that I should be aware she had seen a mouse in that closet...once.
It just makes sense that 3 yrs. later I realize this is how I've ALWAYS approached this closet, regardless of never having seen a mouse myself...right?

It's ironic really.
How many times do we receive warnings about this or that growing up?
If you think about it, the only ones we really heed are the ones we fear. We don't even have to have seen or been through certain things, but we can still fear and avoid them.

Kinda got me thinking...wouldn't it be lovely if we had a real fear of sin? How different would this world be...?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Haven't met you yet

Check out this new Michael Buble video. I love this song.

The girl in the video is his real girlfriend, which I thought was kinda cute. Anyway, it's currently my favorite song...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Never eat sushi from a vending machine...

To be honest, I feel like not much has been happening in my life as of late...but then again, I feel like it's been crazy busy and too much has been going on. Ever feel like that?

Last night Charity was in my room for awhile, so I force fed her some poetry I dug up from the ashes. Funny looking back on stuff like that...I would def. say that poetry is one way I release "negative" emotion. Not often have I written a pleasant, and happy poem. Oh well, I suppose we all have(or probably should have) our ways of release.
And no, I won't be posting those poems(well, I doubt it at least), and yes, I told Charity not to recap on them to anyone. (Truth be told, I don't really care. They are what they are.)

I got to enjoy some live music at Caribou Coffee tonight. That was the 3rd coffee shop I was in today. I went to Coffee Emporium with Charity b/f work this morning, and then stopped at Iris Bookcafe to grab some amazing, Thai pumpkin soup on my way home from work, and of course Caribou Coffee this evening. Leanna really wanted to go to CC, so she went alone to work on homework, and then Cheryl, Chris, and myself met her there later. It was fun. I loved the music. It was def. my style, and captured my mood tonight quite nicely.

B/f going to CC, Cheryl and myself went to the mall with some friends. Our express purpose was to procure some food court Chinese. (this being the most authentic and everything) That was fun, but I find shopping a lot more fun when I have money to burn. Like that's ever happened...me burn money -- not on purpose at least.

Oh! Today was Mr. Profitt's B-day...so here's a shout out to him! Hope it was a good one.

I think I survived my math test. Kudos to me! Actually Kudos to Leanna for helping me study! She's AMAZAZING!!! Anyhoo...one down.

Here's a two quick pics I snapped of Meg with her guitar.

She was so kind as to play a song for me, and allowed me to record it. I posted it on Facebook, so check it out!

I also took some pics recently of Sarah and Britt, so here's a few. You can view the album at: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=157579&id=526240420&l=b2a8d43cd5

Well, here's hoping you've all had a lovely weekend.

The girl behind the camera,

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New places, new faces -- same Christian family

This morning I was privileged to go visit a Korean Church, complete with a meal afterward. I loved it. The people were so very friendly. They were warm and inviting, and made it easy to feel welcome to their service.

I went with Chaehun (he's a Korean student at GBS presently), Andrea Balti, and Megan Walsworth.
I think it's safe to safe that we all enjoyed it very much.

We were each(not Chaehun...like he needed it!) provided with a device that allowed us to listen to the translator through headphones. I thought this was cool (even though it reminded me of the device Ms. Beulah uses at Kenwood to boost her hearing aid), because it allowed us to understand, yet not disrupt their normal service.

This particular church had a great praise team, and a choir that sounded absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed the worship service, and was a bit surprised by it honestly. I guess I have unknowingly stereotyped most Asian cultures as being more sober and reserved in their worship style, but I thoroughly enjoyed being wrong. They were very expressive about their love for God, and there was quite a bit of clapping, etc.

After the service they have a time of fellowship and food together, which was great. I was excited to get to try the food, even though Chaehun told us it was good, but still not "real" in his book. I figure none of us knew the difference anyway, and to me it was way better than anything that came out of a food court! I won't even try to tell you the name of anything we ate, because I've no idea, but I can kind of describe it. The main course was a bowl of rice, bean sprouts, some beef, soy sauce, and green onion. Then there were plates set out between every four people or so that you shared, and on them there was some cabbage stuff. One lady described it as a spicy, pickled cabbage. Whatever it was, it was good. I liked all of it. One point of interest to me was that they don't drink anything with the meal, but instead waited until they'd cleared the plates and then passed out cups of water. I'm ok with that, but my mother would've choked to death.

During the meal, Megan and I were able to talk to several different people from the church. One man tried to recruit us to teach S.S. to some of their children, this is due to the widening language gap between their different generations. It's hard to express and explain a concept to children if they don't really speak your language obviously, so they're wanting fluent English teachers for the kids.
Another man that we talked with was very nice, and told us his home is always open to us. His wife, Sunni(sp?), is actually talking NT class at GBS this semester. When he told us we could come over anytime, he also said that she'd be happy to cook us some real Korean food, and when I mentioned his volunteering her services to feed us, she said that he was a very good cook. ;-D

All in all, I really enjoyed myself, and would love to interact with these people more, and get to know some of them better. I loved the opportunity to worship with some of my Korean Christian brothers and sisters. God's family is so big and diverse...I just love it!

Here are a couple pics I managed to snap on my phone...

Getting ready to dig in!

This nice lady was trying to show us what to use the spoon on, and what/how to use the chopsticks. (Nothing quite like trying to use chopsticks while surrounded by Koreans...)

This is Sunni...

...and Chaehun.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A little sharing of my heart...

Does anyone besides me ever just really want to give up? Sometimes I just get so tired of feeling like a failure, or loser, or whatever other choice phrase you care to use. I know that God created me in His image, but man is the devil ever good at getting me down from time to time! All too often I'm tempted to second guess God and how He decided to create me, quirks and all.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my Savior. This is just me sharing about an area of my life that God's obviously still working on. Some days I feel strong and confident, and like I can conquer the world, but more often than not, I struggle with questions about my future and all my short comings.

Today is pretty much one of the later days. But God's still there, and He's given His Word to reassure me.

"God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created
him; male and female He created them...God saw all that He had
made, and behold, it was very good."
(Genesis 1:27, 31a)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Going out to K. R. and family...some of my biggest lurkers.

I took some pics recently of the Martin sisters. Here's the album link:


Oh, and here's the link to the other album I said I'd post, My Concrete Jungle:


Sunday, September 13, 2009

I finally got new contacts

along with several other odds and ends I needed(including, but not limited to, Skittles). I also bought new dry erase markers, but they weren't the kind I wanted. Oh well, I didn't feel like checking more than two stores...

So I finally snapped a few pics of my cousin, Ashley. I also got some of her and Joc, then a couple with them and their roomie, Stephanie.
I'm not gonna load all the pics on here, but here are a couple, and you can see the rest at: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=155885&id=526240420&l=94b0288cdb

Anyway, school seems to be going well thus far, but really it's hard to say because it's not like we're all that far into it. We've had several fun moments and events already though. Friday night we had the GBS Got Talent show, and that was a blast!
I laughed so hard that night, but I was also struck with the fact that in amongst our funny songs, poems, and "mad skills" we are privileged enough to hear things such as kids singing music that praised God, and kids simply sharing a Scripture reading. We are so blessed to be able to live our faith out in every day life without fear imprisonment, or other forms of persecution! I hope we never forget to be thankful for that.

Along with classes, revival, and the activities of campus connection month, we finally had our first meeting(since returning to school) of Main St. kids club this afternoon. I thought it went quite well. We had the good problem of too many kids and not enough snacks with us, so I had to run back to the dorm to get our back ups.
Thankfully we have a bunch of new workers this year, and I'm hoping that they'll all stay, because we're thinking about branching out from the two main streets we walk and adding a third route. We may also try to incorporate a second class during our kids service for the tweens. Not sure about that yet though.

It's a funny thing, working with kids...especially inner city kids. I can't put into words how much I love each one, and want to see them allow Christ to be their Savior. I missed these kids over the summer. They challenge me, and test me, but I know I need it. They've taught me so much this past year, and I'm excited to see what they have in store for me this year.
My favorite part of kids club is walking to pick them up, and then walking them home. This is because it's when I get to interact with them on a personal level. I get to become a friend to them. We chat, and laugh, and even play tag(which totally wears me out) on those routes, but it's then that I feel the most connected to them, when I'm in their neighborhood, walking their streets, going into their homes.
It's then that I see how important what we do is, and how important it is to show them that they can change their future. I just can't get away from how much God loves them. I pray that this year I can be a better example of His love for them.

Here's hoping you're all doing well, and enjoying God's goodness!

Monday, September 7, 2009

By: Unknown

Ever wonder what will be remembered about you once you're dead and gone? Or to be a little less direct...once you've "passed away" or are "no longer with us"? (My little brother actually told me today that Lenny had "passed away"...and yes, sad but true - Lenny is no more. We're not exactly sure what caused his untimely demise.)

I assume most of us hope to be remembered in a positive way, perhaps for something we did, something we inspired, how we lived, or a culmination of all three and then some. (I don't suppose most people strive to be remembered in a negative fashion, but then again there are some coming to mind that might have been aiming for just that...I've no idea for sure.) All in all, though, people want to be remembered. They want their life to have meant something, or touched someone...

...so what will people remember about me? What legacy am I leaving behind? Will my life have mattered and changed anything at all?

I know God has a plan for my life, and I fully intend to follow it. Right now I don't know the exact specifics of that plan, but He has given me a peace about being at Bible college. I know this is what He desires for me at this point.

I know that if I stay true to Him I can leave behind a beautiful legacy, and I can change at least my little part of the world. In fact, as I sit here a thought just occurred to me, what if people don't remember me, but instead remember God's grace and mercy in my life? That would be an amazing way to "go out".

My new hope is to be Unknown for God.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Real friendship...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An update

on the Life And Times Of Tiffany Barr.

Sorry it's been a while. Wait...no I'm not.

My room is unpacked and arranged. Everything is in it's place, with the exception of a single bookshelf that is in disarray. I plan to fix that - eventually. I even printed out and framed some of my pics from this summer...and they're on my wall! Impressive right?

Moving on...

The freshman almost intrigue me. Half of me wants to get to know them and to befriend them, while the other half doesn't even want to try to remember their names. I did, however, help one of them put her hair up today, apparently she's never really had to wear it up - poor girl.

Three of the freshmen are related to me. Weirds me out. I'm in class w/two of them. That took me off guard. Oh well, I can play. It is, after all, my playground. I think between Brittany and I they're already wondering what they've gotten into in this particular class. They'll catch on - I hope.

Since when does GBS offer coffee for 7am classes...? And why wasn't it offered in my math class(which I'm taking against my will...sorta)? And why was it Starbucks?
I did reap the benefit(if you call Starbucks black coffee that) of it's, still hot, leftovers in my second period class. Thanks Mr. Profitt, and Ricki, and Joe, and Cravens girl who's first name is escaping me.

I love revival schedule. It confuses the freshmen. For that matter it still confuses the upperclassmen. (Is that really one word?)
Not to mention, it allows me to go to math class a half hr. later than the norm, and that friends is a plus!
Also, it's nice to have an opportunity to "refresh and refuel" spiritually before barreling head long into the semester.

Random thought: Bro. (Chris) Cravens is a great illustrationist. (I liked it better)
He also reminds me of someone, but I can't place who. Oh well, I'll try to place it while I head to bed...

(And to all you lurkers...now I know you're there. So HA!)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

At the top...

Just thought I'd post a couple pics of today's adventure - hiking Indian Ford trail to it's west pinnacle.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ready or not -- here it comes

It's that time again! A new semester is right around the corner...and I've been thinking(I'm getting a head start), I really, really want this year to be different.

Not the, "Oh-hey-I'm-gonna-try-to-do-everything-just-so-and-never-mess-up" kind of different, but a genuine stab at correcting some problems from previous semesters gone by.
I've been working on some of this over the summer, knowing that it's much easier to bring a set pattern and plan with you into the dorm, than to start one there, but not everything can be worked on during the summer.

So -- I've been trying to actually make myself go to bed, and I've been getting up by 7:30 A.M. since returning from my trip in order to more easily return to early mornings(I did sleep in on Sunday, and Monday til 8:00). I've also tried to exercise(at least go walking) every day. My weight at this point in life is less than desirable and starting to frustrate me a lot.

But...those aren't the real areas I want to see a difference in.

God's been really convicting my heart about some of the attitudes and mindsets that I've allowed to creep in. Some of these are old things come back to haunt me, while others are fresh and new.
It's funny how, just when I start thinking I've got things worked out, God's always right there ready to show me something that could use some work. Don't get me wrong, I'm not the type to picture God w/a huge stick, just waiting to hit me over the head w/it, but I do know that He's patient to point things out when I need to see them. I'm pretty sure if He dumped everything I needed to fix on me all at once I'd be overwhelmed! Thankfully, that's not how my God works.

So. All that said, my goals are similar to what they've been in the past, but I've revised and corrected some of them, and I've been working on them continually, instead of waiting for school, or the New Year, or w/e it is I'm always waiting on. God's been good to me, and I'm always learning something new about Him, and in turn about myself.
I'm trying a new take on my devotions to shake them out of the routine they'd become, and I'm loving it. All in all, I can't complain about how much I'm learning from God, I only want more. Sometimes I feel slightly overwhelmed by all there is to learn and unqualified to share w/others, but I desire to keep pushing on in my endeavors to do both.

Here's wishing all you students the BEST school year yet! Take care, and see some of ya soon...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

PA/NY Video Blog #1

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To: Nobody

To Whom It May Concern,

I am leaving tomorrow night for an adventure. I am taking my sister with me. We hope to make it in one piece, and return the same. Our destinations are Lancaster, PA, and somewhere in upstate NY. Several others will be joining our venture from PA and will effectively liven things up. It's doubtful that I will post while away, but since there are no signs of readers as of late I don't think you'll mind anyway. I wish you all well, and will return with at least one story - I promise(let's just hope it's one formed from someone else's expense). Until then, I bid you farewell, and ask that you don't miss me too much.

Yours Sincerely,


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Do me a favor...

check out my Mom's blog...http://thebarrseven.blogspot.com/ Leave her a comment. She doesn't believe me that ppl ever read it, so if you have great, and if not there's no time like the present!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On rain and hairspray

Have you ever been stuck out in the rain after having applied a little too much hairspray (or gel for some of you) that morning? It's not all that pleasant I must inform you - nothing quite like the taste of hairspray running down your face into the corners of your mouth.


Reminds me of youth camp actually…all those lovely days playing tug of war in the mud and rain - what's not to love?!?

Can't believe I'm not getting to enjoy that this summer. How time's change! Now it's my little sis that gets to enjoy these things, while I'm stuck here working. *insert sigh here*


I love the rain. And I'll deal with the hairspray. It's the work I wish I could quit. Oh to be able to sleep in until forever, and to really honor a rainy day by never getting out of my pj's and snuggling up with a cup of coffee and a good book! Why didn't I take advantage of the days back when I didn't need money to pay bills? Alas, it does no good to dwell on such things.


Instead I will write. I have a story I'm working on. It's one that I will probably never finish or share with anyone. I find that kind therapeutic for some reason…

Sunday, July 19, 2009

That'll do pig...that'll do.

Thanks to Nichole I finally have some pics of my own mug to paste on here, instead of someone else's. We had fun, and I figure I should show you the fruits of our labor. So let me know what you think.

She was, oh, so patient and kind toward me(for the most part). I organized the outfits, props, shots, and handled the editing, while Nichole dutifully ran the camera, helped me juggle outfits and props, and all the while corrected whatever was wrong with a shot since I couldn't see them.

I rather enjoyed my new found prop - the old Polaroid, and now Nichole an I are excitedly thinking of other things we might pick up at a thrift store for just such a use.

Great fun was had by all...I think. (Oh! On a side note, during this venture we ignored lots of interest from across the street - there was a bar, so yelled, etc. ensued. I got everything from "Say cheese!" to "Don't jump!")

[F.Y.I. - I'm using a diff. font for my signature on these pics, because as obvious I didn't take them myself, so its not my personal font, but I am still "claiming" them. This is for copyright reasons, etc.(like ppl really want my pics!), and since Nichole isn't putting her name on them, I decided to use mine. Convenient, eh?]

Well, until my life "lives" up...or I just get bored...TTFN!