Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tiffany is...

- sitting in class looking like she's taking notes (sorta)

- tired of homework...but should probably do some

- stoked about graduation but not actually ready for it!

- thinking about running a lap around the room quaking like a duck just to see what happens...

- amused at the reaction to large hair...specifically mine...today...

- actually dreading IHC...and excited about it...maybe

- against cruelty to animals...unless they bite me

- friends with a Guatemalan

- picking her no....! *chuckle*

- going to run away to Greece (don't come looking for me!)

- finding a new love in Urban Outfitters

- afraid of life without her sis...

- single and currently rather happy about it

- sore from the gym *whine whine complain*

- going to be a billionaire and travel the world

- secretly taking over the world...*SUSH! Don't tell*

- longing to cuddle with a puppy...all her own

- craving sushi

- the owner of a Ford Contor

- a size 2...*hehehe*

- actually not single...dating a vampire means secrets...oh wait!

- drinking Dunkin Doughnuts home brew

- gonna quit while she's...

Forever Alone, Unmovable Stone...

Forever alone, unmovable stone.
These letters-a picture they paint,
but whom sees the picture
and how can they know,
The meaning that it should impress?
Thus-I shall tell you,
lest your image be untrue.

First see the person alone and so lost.
No one will comfort or care.
But if you look closely-
so closely inside,
you will find something not there.
Inside is her heartache, a feeling so true,
yet much different from mine and from yours.

Unmovable stone, something strong
and for sure, everlasting to the end.
These her feelings, but what do they mean?
Here lies the answer to all of these things.

When a heart learns to hurt,
and never moves on,
then decides this always must be,
this is the stone that never shall move
and her heart is as this-
All alone.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Run screaming through a crowd...

As I'm sitting here listening to the rain against the window and the occasional clap of thunder, all I can think about is curling up in bed with my most comfy pj's and a good book. What is it about these kind of days that just bring on that desire? Actually I'd pretty much rather do anything than continue sitting in this class...well or than go to work. Homework even sounds more appealing at the moment. *sigh*

I love thunderstorms. I woke to a great one last night. Well technically it was about three o'clock this morning I guess. It woke me up in time to close windows, and then lulled me back into the most amazing sleep. Then of course I end up with an obnoxious alarm bringing me back to reality, but I too must join the land of the living.

Hopefully if the rain hasn't washed away all the grass seed Nichole put out this past week we'll see some fruit from her labor. I'm a bit skeptic though thanks to the let down last summer. We worked crazy hard in that back yard, and the result ended up being that the summer was crazy dry and the grass didn't make it. Let's hope this summer is better.

So I started a new job last week. I think I'm going to like it, but I'm still in limbo. The lady seems great, the kids are nice enough, but she's already changed my schedule several times and that's going to get old I think. I'm blessed to have the extra income though.

OK, so I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I've been trying to find out what God's planning for my future. A lot of what I've always thought I'd be doing, or perhaps even hoped I'd be doing, has changed. I feel like I'm starting to have some direction and it's exciting, but also rather scary as well. So if you care to, feel free to remember me in your prayers as I'm trying to find God's will and continue in the steps He leads.

Anyway, guess it's back to class...sort of. Maybe I'll escape and go play in the rain...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tiffany presents: * Vampires On Ice

So I realize that there's been a growing trend in the last several years, a trend of which I haven't been a part...vampire fiction. It's not exactly a new idea, I mean Dracula wasn't just written or anything, but it's been a "revisited" idea I suppose. I also realize I'm sort of coming in at the end of this noble enterprise, but I still think I have something that no one else has to offer.
After having a lull in entertainment recently, and desiring something completely mindless (as opposed to my school work, which I try to use my mind for...usually) to read, I decided to try the Twilight series everyone was sooo into my Sophomore year. To be honest, at first I was assuming I wouldn't make it through the first book, but then to my chagrin I was pulled into the awkward, ever so dramatic world of the Cullen's. Now by this point I wanted to finish the book, but did NOT want anyone to really know I was enjoying it...mostly. I found it rather juvenile, but exactly the type of "mindless" entertainment I was looking for. I did/do find Bella to be utterly obnoxious, but alas, she is part of the story! Actually my personal favorite charter was/is Alice Cullen. I finished the first book, moved on to the second (Wow Bella...really?!?), and am currently on the third. I've lost momentum at this point and have not picked up the third book in over a month actually, but I'm about halfway through it, or possibly a little more. Anyway, so this is where my vamp interest began...

I moved from reading those books to wanting to re-watch the movies. Unfortunately for my search I was a cheapskate and had no intention of renting them if I could help it, so I started with the internet and Netflix. Oddly, Netflix doesn't have them for instant play, so I gave up on that idea, although through my other internet searches I came across several vampire inspired movies and shows, most of which I was not in the least bit interested and were horror anyway. One of these showed was called Vampire Diaries. I'd heard of this book series from my cousin, but did not realize they'd made a show out of it. Curious about it, I decided to check it out. I'd heard it argued that VD was the original vamp drama and that Twilight had been a knock off of it. I didn't necessarily buy this idea, but I wanted to find out.
After watching just one episode of VD I was intrigued. I liked their take on a few things, such as the ability to walk in the sun, the way one becomes a vamp, etc. So I kept watching. I have to admit, I have become a bit of a junkie. I love the show. It's crazy dramatic, yes...but I guess there are days I'd rather watch other drama than deal with my own. It's a nice distraction I suppose.
Anyway, I eventually ended up with a free rental coupon and got Twilight, and I have to say...it's MUCH cheesier than I remembered the movie being. It made me laugh at it multiple times...I'll still probably finish the series out eventually though.

All of this has gotten me to thinking though...there's still a market out there for "fresh" ideas about vamps, and ways to sell vamp fiction. Well I have one! I want to put together a show...I'm thinking either a musical or an ice skating theatrical performance...or perhaps combine the two! It's gonna be big...I just know it! So if any of you have ideas for pulling this together, experience with musicals, ice skating, or vampires PLEASE let me know...I could really use your help. I'm not sure how many vampires can ice skate, or for that matter sing, but I'm sure with a little patience on everyone's part we really can teach them and pull this off.
I'm also going to need help finding an ice rink that doesn't mind cleaning up a little blood now and again, people with access to either a blood bank or something of the sort, and possibly a little Verbane. Oh! And anyone that has extra wooden crosses, or can whittle steaks would be greatly appreciated as well.

I know we can make this happen, so thanks in advance for all your help and support! I'm super excited to see where all this takes us, and what our futures together holds. Who knows, maybe this show will become one of the classics, and just think, you'll be able to say you were a part of all of it! Thanks again...

Much love!

*copyright for this ice production belongs to Tiffany Barr

Damon, Elena, and Stefan from Vampire Diaries