Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tiffany is...

- sitting in class looking like she's taking notes (sorta)

- tired of homework...but should probably do some

- stoked about graduation but not actually ready for it!

- thinking about running a lap around the room quaking like a duck just to see what happens...

- amused at the reaction to large hair...specifically mine...today...

- actually dreading IHC...and excited about it...maybe

- against cruelty to animals...unless they bite me

- friends with a Guatemalan

- picking her no....! *chuckle*

- going to run away to Greece (don't come looking for me!)

- finding a new love in Urban Outfitters

- afraid of life without her sis...

- single and currently rather happy about it

- sore from the gym *whine whine complain*

- going to be a billionaire and travel the world

- secretly taking over the world...*SUSH! Don't tell*

- longing to cuddle with a puppy...all her own

- craving sushi

- the owner of a Ford Contor

- a size 2...*hehehe*

- actually not single...dating a vampire means secrets...oh wait!

- drinking Dunkin Doughnuts home brew

- gonna quit while she's...


Issa said...

You are many, many things my sister. Most of them a little odd.