Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh the drama!!!

Recently I had the privelage of going to see one of the plays at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. (check out more pics on my photo link)

This was a first time experience for me, and one that I would gladly live over. The play I went to was based on the Jane Austen book Emma, and it was in musical form.
I was accompanied by my mom, two of my sisters, and Kimberly Brown-who had never seen, heard, or read a single Jane Austen anything. We had such a blast! Our seats were in the direct center and absolutely amazing! As for the casting of the characters the Playhouse did an incredible job with everyone, especially the lead character Emma herself, and her counter part, Mr. Knightly.

The story is probably my favorite Jane Austen's funny, sweet and all in all one of those perfect romances. Now granted, not entirely true to life, well at least not mine, but highly enjoyable. The running banter between the characters is so much fun, and even though the play was incredibly long it completely holds your attention through to the end. I would highly recommend this to anyone asking about it, although it's no longer playing as of sad!

In parting...
"Miss Bates: It left us speechless, quite speechless I tell you, and we have not stopped talking of it since!"