Tuesday, September 7, 2010

In case you didn't know...

I realize it's been awhile since I've really taken the time to get on here and update about life. Seems it's always just quick posts of videos, links, or something else. So, allow me to catch you up a bit...

First off, this summer the Barr clan decided to divide and conquer. I traversed into the great unknown (for me anyway) of Haiti, leaving Nichole behind to hold down the fort in Cincinnati. Our parental unit decided it was time for the other children to cut the apron strings from their older siblings and head toward southerly climes, this landed them in Lexington, NC. So to those of you that knew and loved dear 560 Maple...alas, it is ours no more.

It was definitely weird to come back to Cincinnati after being gone 6 weeks, only to realize that everything had changed while I was away. (Well, OK, CE was still on Central, I still owned a Contour and we still didn't have a dog, so I suppose not everything had changed.)
It was rather hard to adjust to the fact that my family was no longer just a few minutes from my house though. I mean after all, they did move just four days before I left, so my brain wasn't really registering it up til then.

Anyway, they actually rented a U-haul. Amazing right? It is if you know my family at all...we've moved in everything from make-shift boat trailers, to a short, white bus (talk about making a first impression!). I actually have a few pics from the process...

They technically tried to move partly in a convenience trailer, but something went a rye with the axle or something. I was at work by that point and didn't really understand the whole story, but they ended up having to leave that loaded trailer behind and they came back for it like a week or so later.

Oh, and here's a pic of the cool door Dad was leaving behind and I had Nichole snag for photo ops.

Lastly, here's Dakota's "moving day" face.

I have lots about Haiti to try to fill in, but today's not the day. Also, I have a few other random, interesting tidbits and stupid moments from my summer. I'll try not to be too long with my next installment...but if you're interested in my trip, there are several posts on my internship blog at: www.portauprincepostings.blogspot.com

Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm trying out a new web toy...

...well, it's new to me anyway. You can see for yourself at: Tumblr