Saturday, May 28, 2011

Celebrating 200 posts together!!!

So I just realized that this is my 200th post on this blog! Wow. I had that much to say? Somehow I'm sure most of it wasn't really all that important to life as we know it, but I really appreciate having had somewhere to express myself. There have been times in years gone by that I leaned heavily on this blog as a form of self expression. I suppose it's not been as much for others as for myself, but I think that's OK. For those of you that cared enough to follow me, or for that matter to leave your comments and feed back...thanks! It's been fun.

Now, for the future! I'm newly graduated, still single, formulating plans for what's ahead of me and seeking God with renewed fervence. All in all, I think I'm at an important point in fact I was told by one of my professors that I'm prob at the best point in my life ever, that I've been learning so much about who I am and what's what in college, that now I'm at the point to see how I'm going to let it all affect me.
I'm out on my own and ready to see how I will proceed from here on out. Life's in front of me and the choices are mine. Whoa. Overwhelming in some ways. Crazy exciting in so many others. Thankfully though, God is in charge of my life, so I find myself a little less scared and a lot more excited with the anticipation of it all.

So an impact and be impacted...but always remember where you've come from and Who you're following...


Issa said...

as typical you talk about twice as much as me. I'm just slightly over 100 posts. JK

Alanna said...

Yay! So proud of you...keep in touch!!

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