Monday, June 27, 2011

Know what's amazing? ...God...He's amazing!

So I'd just like to revel in the fact that I serve the most amazing Being ever. Ever there was, ever there is, ever there will be...ever.

God is too good to me, and I find myself overwhelmed with His blessing and faithfulness in my life. It seems that I find some reason daily that I feel like He should throw in the towel on me, but He never does...He just chips away at those imperfections and flaws...He reminds me that I am His and that I have value. He reminds me that others have value too and that I need to appreciate it more. Oh to see the world as He see each individual as God Almighty sees them, to see their innate value, to see their humanity, to realize their suffering and to be able to love them as He does. I pray to grow more in this area...I long to, I need to, I have to. God, teach me...mold me. Make me more like Christ.

So thankful to be His child!

How about you? Are you thankful? Do you know how much value you have? Do you know how much value God sees in you? Can you say you're thankful to be His child...?

He is there waiting...all you must do is ask...believe on Him and allow Him to start chipping away at's so worth it.