Thursday, March 22, 2012

Midnight meetings

So it's a funny thing, personal devotions, right? I mean, they're supposed to be personal, yet we continually hear people setting forth the mold into which they should fit. I mean there's a little variety at times between morning vs. evening devos, but really that's the major diff. Otherwise they're fairly cut and dried to me. BUT...that's ridiculous...isn't it?

You really don't have to agree with me. I don't care either way. Wait...nod your head....ok, now repeat after me, "Tiffany is always right. Her word is..." HA! Just kidding...that's silly.

What I'm getting at though is how I've found that God meets with me in very different ways than He meets with everyone else. He knows what time I'm most receptive and what's going to hit me hard and what I'm going to be oblivious to. I'm not saying God doesn't expect me to dig into the Scriptures and to talk to Him like He expects us all too, but He has various ways of drawing me in at other points.

I think that's pretty cool.

God and I have an understanding about two things: 1) I'm a visual person 2) I'm a music person. Now does this mean I'm the same as other visuals and music junkies? Nope. But God knows that. He will catch me quite off guard with a sudden realization of how very beautiful something or someone is! Sometimes I'm a little overwhelmed with how this affects me. And feel like there just no way I can share the beauty I can see in God's kingdom. How I wish I could put it into words! Then there's music. Ugh...this has been the bane of my existence at times in life when my choices have been less than superior, but wow...when God gets a hold of it?!? Such amazing things can happen. I'm not a musician, but when it comes to listening to a new song or an instrumental...sometimes I find tears in my eyes. I can become so deeply moved by a song. It's beautiful.

Recently I've been trying to strengthen and grow in my prayer life and it's been interesting to see God personalize that too. I'm a night owl, but I'm trying to learn to be a responsible adult that gets up a reasonable hours, so this has been fun. God, however, has found the perfect time for us. I know this sounds silly, but between the hours of 2:00am-5:00am I feel closer to God than any other moment in the day. Maybe it's because it feels like the rest of the world is asleep and it's just me and Him, but even after doing evening devos and hitting the hay, I'll suddenly find myself wide awake at these hours and thinking about Him. It's cool. So I've started just hitting my knees and sharing. We've really had some good talks due to this. I've even set my alarm to be sure and be up then some nights.

All I'm saying is, God is personal. He wants to meet us where we are and define our relationships according to what will most impact us. But do we comply? Do we realize that if we don't fit the cookie cutter mold, we're still allowed to meet with Him? Trust's so much better to find your style, your best fit, than to keep stressing over not doing whatever the person you measure yourself against is doing. Forget that. Be you and let God find you in the moments you'll benefit the most. Look for Him. Seek Him. Spend time with Him.

Stay encouraged readers...I'll be praying for you!



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