Thursday, April 2, 2009

To read or not to read...

As I'm sitting in class, watching yet another movie, my mind wanders...

I wish I could jump into a book for awhile. I think I'd choose Treasure Island. I'd like to be Jim.

Quote of the day: Friends are the family we choose

I once vowed not to make any friends after we'd moved. I told myself that my books would be my friends...I miss my friends. School makes it difficult to find time to read for pleasure, not to mention the guilt that comes when I try -- makes me feel like I should be reading for classes.

Nothing quite like an education to kill the ability to enjoy reading. Maybe this summer I'll catch up.

The funny thing is, even though I don't read much at this point, I can't stop buying new/used books. My bookshelves are filling rapidly w/total strangers. How sad!

Anyway here's hoping I find time for my friends...