Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer desire

Yesterday I was talking to a friend about what we're both hoping to accomplish this summer. We talked about places we wanted to visit over our break, people we wanted to catch up with, and diets we'd like to make routine...

but those weren't the important desires.

We also talked of our spiritual battles we wanted to conquer, the deepening of our faith, and the hunger for allowing God's will to reign in our lives.

I thank God for a friend like this. And I thank Him for helping shape my focus. I desire to be wholeheartedly His, to deal with the battles, and to become a more powerful tool for His kingdom.

I know He's faithful and willing to complete these things which He's started in me, and I can't wait to see what all He's accomplished in me by summer's end!

Through Him we are more than conquerors! I intend to continue to pursue more through Him, to be more for Him, and to try to live more Christ-like because of Him.

I'd appreciate if my blogger friends would remember me this summer in prayer. Thanks...


Sam said...

We are promised victory through Christ.

That's the cool thing.

I'm glad to see such desires in you. I feel similar.