Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bored to homework...

I'm not a huge fan of breaks during the school year.

Don't get me wrong...
I love not having classes every day, I just hate trying to entertain myself here in Cincy while everyone else heads off to timbuktu.

I'm so bored I'm thinking about doing some homework. I am almost that bored...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Valentine's Day To Remember

It started out like any other Saturday. I slept in(ish), got around slowly, then remembered - well technically I was reminded - that I had to get dressed and have Dad drive me to the BMV within the hr. or else...

~The night previous I had pulled into my parents driveway only to be directly followed by flashing lights and a police car. He, oh so kindly, asked if I was aware that my plates were expired?...and had been -- since August! (apparently unbeknown to me this is tied to my B-day! How cruel...) He then suggested that I retrieve my father from inside the house.
Much to my relief Dad and the officer knew each other and I was given a break, but informed that had this happened on the highway my car would've been towed and Dad would've been picking me up from the police station!!!~

Anyway, my day was relatively normal from this point on...until the evening came.

I attended Peter Pan at the Cincy Ballet with my sisters. It was fun, funny, well done, captivating, etc. but the best part of the evening had to do w/parking.

See, being rushed to get to our seats on time I decided to find the closet parking garage available. Observing that is was Valentine's Day, I assumed that $8 for parking was about the norm so I didn't hesitate to pull in.
At this point Nichole finally decides to point out that this is a valet parking garage! Somehow I totally missed those signs...

The best part of this is the grand finale -- picking up my car. (Not sure how many of you have seen or ridden in my car, but for those who haven't - both fenders are dented and have questionable paint either missing or added to them, the passenger door is **dented, there is a missing hubcap, at this point it hadn't been washed clean of the winter road salt, and to top it off its a Ford Contour!)

Now imagine -- I pay for its pickup, stand watching for it, and suddenly I realize there are Mercedes and Mustangs(all washed, waxed, and hubcapped) rolling out for the claiming. Suddenly it dawns on me - my car was soon to follow!

I quietly began begging Nichole to drive it, which she flatly refused to do.

Finally, following the brand new Mustang, my car arrived.
I darted into the driver's seat asap...only to sit waiting on my siblings! But this gave me an amazing view of the line up of patrons, who happened to be enjoying a very good chuckle by now.

Proudly I must say, my little red car did not squeal in rebellion to acceleration that night. I think Carroll and I were on the same page for once -- she needed to stay voiceless as we made our escape...

**I bought the car with this feature

Sunday, February 15, 2009

No turning back

God is working in my life! I'm so excited to share with you all!

As many of you may have heard in a recent testimony I gave in chapel, I have been struggling with a "dry spell" in my walk with God.

I know my faith is not based on my feelings or emotions and for that I truly thank God, but as most of you would probably agree, feeling God's presence is something to be craved!

I know there are always days that you feel as if your prayers bounce right off the ceiling and land at your feet, but as I've been reminded over and over again -- we must never give up!
My heart might feel lost and alone, but thankfully I'm learning to condition my head to remind my heart that God is still there...that's not going to change.

I have been facing this inner battle of emotion for many months now, but God has been good! He's never left my side, and He's provided the encouragement and advice that I've needed to press on. I'm not sure why I have been facing this, but I do know that it's given me a desire and determination to seek God's face until I find Him, and I've made a commitment that should I never feel His presence ever again, I WILL continue to follow Him!

"Though none go with me, still I will follow. No turning back, no turning back!" This was brought to my mind this weekend...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Interesting Art

I stumbled upon a website that had the art of a guy named Phil Hansen. He doesn't just draw or paint, he uses everything from cheese whiz to candles to chalk circles.

I thought some of you (Ike) might find it interesting...he has several video clips of how he creates his art, these can be found on google, and then this is his website:


If you can look for his video called 51st Grammy...it's cool.

Disclaimer: I can't vouch for all his art, some is kind of offensive.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Have you ever thought about your friendships? I have quite a bit. I've wondered what kind of friend I am to others...

I have some friends that I think are just awesome...what do they think of my friendship?

I'm continually amazed at how my friends in EVERY part of my life have affect who I was at that time and point. (No wonder my parents told me to choose my friends carefully!) Some positive -- others negative.

Recently God has been challenging me to try to be more of an encourager, lifter up of spirits, and all around positive person...it's proving harder than I expected. I used to be annoyingly cheery, but at some point I developed an awful negativity toward life in general. I certainly hope it doesn't always show b/c that'd be quite depressing, but I fear it's more obvious than I'd like.

I like the quote "When life gives you lemons make lemonade" but tonight I got to thinking...where's all my lemonade? I want to ooze lemonade. Nice mental image right?

*side note* I also like the other version of that quote..."When life gives you lemons make grape juice -- it confuses ppl".


I know that we as Christians are to be different than the world. How we handle our individual problems shows the stuff we're made of and whether we're really the children of Christ or not. If I break down, shut down, or get down every time a problem arises how does that reveal my belief and faith an my Almighty God?
Now I'm not saying there aren't appropriate times for tears, contemplation, or sadness, but it shouldn't be the norm for every day life.

How can I become a better friend? How can I become a more Christ-like friend? I'm sure the disciples never had a better friend than Jesus.
I want to follow His lead. He was compassionate, understanding, patient, wise, loving, loyal and so much more.

Think for a moment about Jesus treatment of Judas. Could you do that? This is only one of so many examples we can take from Jesus life!

I pray I can become the friend that forgives no matter what, loves unconditionally, is always patient and understanding. I want to see the good in ppl and to encourage them to achieve their full potential in life. God sure has His work cut out for Him, but I know that He will be faithful to complete the work He has begun in me...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Main St. Crew

Some of you may know that I've been the leader of Main St. kids club since half way through this past summer. There have been highs and lows, tears and laughter, but I feel like I've learned so much.

I've learned several things I'm absolutely NOT cut out for...and then many things that I'm actually good at. (I usually struggle with thinking the bad out weighs the good where I'm concerned, but I suppose that's typical human thinking.)

This past Sunday we had a really good turn out. Several of the regulars didn't come so I'd been concerned that we wouldn't even have anyone to teach. I was hoping to make Valentine cards with the kids that afternoon if we had any show up...which thankfully we did!

It was sooo much fun! The workers were great, and really worked well with the kids that day, and the kids seemed to enjoy something hands on for once.

We have two to three girls for each guy that works at Main St. but all the workers are so needed! I'm learning what each one is best at and most comfortable with, and what to ask of whom. I think that's been one of my biggest hang ups in this ministry, trying to know what to delegate to whom, but I'm getting much better at this...and my workers have been patient. I wouldn't have gotten very far w/o Brittany as my co-leader though...she's helped push me when needed(which is often!).

Here are some pics of their finished projects. I was so impressed by Christina's card...w/o anyone even suggesting it she chose to make a Valentine for Jesus...I loved it sooo much! She left it at the church, telling me that she was leaving it for Jesus...

when I came back from walking them home I tried to find it to take back with me, but it wasn't anywhere! I guess Jesus took it...

Borrowed Blog

So I mentioned to Megan that I would probably borrow the idea from her blog Patterns for my own blog...but I fully intend to return it once done. Besides I'm tweeking it a bit.

Instead of pics from my room that I want you to figure out I'm going to show you pics of patterns that my boss uses in her home. They're from all over her house and a smattering of randomness.
My idea is simply to show you the patterns so that you can try to imagine them being used together all in one house...then later I'll show pics of the rooms they came from so you can see how they fit together.

Feel free to try to guess what each one is, but that's not really my main intent. Enjoy!