Friday, November 21, 2008

Always amazed...

I serve the coolest God! I'm continually amazed at how fast He works sometimes, and at how clearly He uses ppl to help us learn about Him.

Today I had an appointment.

I was supposed to meet with an advisor for an "advice session" on my future internship. Last week I went to ask for this advice, and he requested some time to think it over. Knowing this was a good way to get good advice, I agreed.

Meanwhile, I began praying that God would either use him to show me what I hadn't factored in yet, or to reaffirm my own plan.

From praying this I began to think about all the pros and cons myself. God showed me several things I hadn't thought of, or been willing to acknowledge yet. He was dealing with me slowly, and patiently.

God used this advisor to completely reaffirm my new thoughts concerning this internship and my future, and to challenge me to face some fears and unknowns with God's help.
Amazing! Once God started changing my own ideas, I wanted reassurance about the changes...and He did just that through this advisor.


After my appointment, I headed off to chapel to think through all that had been discussed, and to try to process it and see where that left me standing...

God, in His perfect timing, had a guest speaker there, to share a little about Gideon. He talked about the exact feelings, concerns, and fears that I'd just argued, questioned, and cried about concerning my future.
I walked into chapel this morning praying that God would continue to talk to me, and He did.

I am so blessed!
God took the time to reassure my feeble mind, and questioning heart, and to tell me that He is in control...I simply have to trust Him. *Thank You Heavenly Father*.


Leanna said...

Our God is amazing! It's such a privilege to serve Him. Thanks for the inspiration.

Melissa Phelps said...

I love it when that happens!
I'm happy for you. Good luck with life and all that.
I like your new glasses.
We need to hang out...
cuz we rarely do. Think back fondly on those campmeeting days, and I'm sure you'll find you miss me.;P