Sunday, November 16, 2008

How entertaining...

This weekend, my life's featured events were as follows:

1) Fun "kung fu" movie night -- Kung Fu Panda & The Forbidden Kingdom w/Jackie Chan and Jet Li

2) Crazy, rainy day shopping(fun also) -- w/Britt

3) Amazingly fun trip to the Arnoff center -- H.M.S. Pinafore

4) and finally...Kids club chaos -- no other words discribe

It was a very entertaining weekend to say the least. I rather enjoyed myself. Hope yours was a winner...

Oh! and just a side note: Check out Nichole's new blog at


Melissa Phelps said...

All today.

"And his sisters and his cousins and his cousins and his sisters and his aunts"

Running through my head. Repeatedly.

I hope never to be told "You are a plump and pleasing person."

Issa said...

Here I am thinking we spent the weekend hanging out, and I only made one number on your list. Next week I shall aim for two.