Monday, November 17, 2008


I was flipping through radio stations as I headed back to the school one evening last week, and finally decided to listen to a drama of the pilgrims unfolding. I must say I have never really been a huge fan of radio drama, but this one sounded interesting.

As the story unfolded the speaker brought out some interesting points I have never given much thought to. He talked about the pilgrims unwavering faith in God to protect them in this new, and strange land. They knew going into this that hardships would follow, but their faith and determination held them steadfast in their decision. Many, actually most, lost at least one loved one, if not more, and the other trials they faced must have seemed insurmountable, but they pressed on.

I am proud to say that our country's roots are in the Christian faith, although we daily have grown further from this. I want to look at this Thanksgiving holiday with a different point of view. I am choosing to be a pilgrim in today's America. I will pursue the faith of my heritage, and with God's help show others the way. I am thankful.


Melissa Phelps said...

Plus, they had rum. That would help anyone face harship.

Issa said...

There's your holiday spirit, just not the holiday everyone else is on. Don't worry though, you'll catch up.

TKB said...

aw shut up...*rolls eyes* "I'm surrounded by idiots."