Friday, December 12, 2008

Changing the enviroment

No, I don't mean "Going Green" and all that jazz...even as wonderful as all that stuff is. I mean my personal environment, aka-my room.

This semester I promised myself I would do better in the area of tidiness.

See, when you spend most of your week cleaning entire houses(not your own) there is a tendency to not "feel like" cleaning when you get home...or in my case back to the dorm. I was doing so well...until this week. Final projects, exams, last minute reading, notebooks, and so much can a person find time to get it all done along with keeping their room clean???

OK, I'm fairly confident that someone out there did(SHOWOFF!!!) but that someone was not me. I decided to "let it all go". Wow. What a truly horrible idea! I don't handle that so well anymore. I found myself avoiding my room entirely, and dreading having to come back for any reason. That is pathetic.

So, last night, having no test to study for, reading due, or notebooks to finish, I decided that cleaning was a must! I took it upon myself to tidy everything, and then for some unknown reason, to rearrange my room.

OK, I couldn't really rearrange the furniture(those of you who've seen it understand), but I could rearrange the things on the bookshelves, and any other odds-an-ends I might so choose. I did all this with great enthusiasm, even going so far as to kidnap my across-the-hall-buddy and make her view the finished 1:30AM!!! (Thanks Kimberlee)

All in all, I'm quite pleased. Not to mention amazed at how much that boosted my spirits, and helped my outlook. Sometimes all you may need is a little change of environment...