Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I think I just survived my last late night of the semester. OK, nothings to say it will for sure be the last, but I think it's the last one that is necessary. Any to follow last night will be my own stupidity...which actually might be what last night was anyway. (I knew I should've stolen that book in order to keep up w/my hw.)

One of the books I needed for a class this semester actually went out of print a couple weeks into the class! So in order to find them you had to look online, and the price was not quite double.

Being the obstinate type, I refused to pay more than the rest of the class for the same book. So I got crazy behind. Everyone was vying for that goofy book, and I couldn't find a copy to borrow, until two days b/f it was due-complete with chapter questions...insanity! I finally crawled into bed just b/f 4am...

God is so good though. I was able to find the book, read it, finish the questions, and wake up for class. Not to mention that it works out for me to not work today, but to go another day, so I can now sleep instead.

I know this might seem like little things to most, but to me it's yet another time to give God praise. He cares about those little details and works them out for me...even when I handicap myself by not biting the bullet and paying extra for a book.

I still have a few things to finish up and I think two fairly simple finals, but the worst is behind me. So, don't give up! You too will make it!!!

I wish you all the best on your finals...or as Doc. Brown has prayed, "God, help them to remember what they studied, and guess well on the rest."


Anonymous said...

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