Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tears of a Clown

Standing -- painted and dried,
quite purposefully precried
baring his sorrow and woe.

Strategically placed --
emblazed on his face
spectators see feelings they know.

Symbolic though small –
expressing for all
those deeper feelings we hide.

Yet when it's all done,
the water will run,
the feelings fall back down inside.

He washes his face,
shoving cares into place,
straightening – standing – alright.

No more painted on frown,
as his feet walk the ground
stepping silently into the light.



Melissa Phelps said...

Good. Never liked clowns anyway.

Lol, jk.
I would be hard pressed to write poetry up to that standard. Mine is definitely not up to snuff. However, yours has impressed me. Deep and stuff.

Sam said...

Dakota poses nicely.

Hmm. nice poem. (sorry so vague)

TKB said...

Sam:I wish I could claim the pic as my own, unfortunately my skills are not that up to par...thanks though.

Mel: Thanks! I enjoy writing poetry, but very rarely am comfortable enough with it to let anyone read it...I'm hoping to try a little more(but not too much).