Friday, January 2, 2009

What to do...?

I've never been one to do much on New Year's eve to ring in the New Year. This year it seemed that I should do something interesting...

But what?


I had to work that day and was grumpy from that, along with a lack of sleep...or maybe it was too much sleep. Not sure. Anyway, I wasn't the best company to anyone that day...but still Britt endured. Poor thing.

We didn't really do anything except pittle around in our rooms until about 6(ish). Then we decided to be adventurous and go Kroger! Well, actually on that particular night of the year going anywhere is kind of adventurous.

From there we decided to see what was happening at Newport...which consisted of a long walk in the freezing cold and then finding that pretty much all their stores had closed at 6. Thrilling.

After that we wandered around downtown. Mostly because of sheer boredom...I tend to do this whole "wandering through random parts of the city" thing when I get bored. Really.

I finally found the way to drive across that bridge that sort of looks like the Brooklyn Bridge. We were gonna try to capture the magic there on Doris, but I didn't feel like braving the cold, so we(Britt) just snapped pics as we drove across several times.

After that the decision was finally made, after much discussion, to grab some food. I picked out Popeye's since we couldn't think of anything else. That was really yummy, but took literally like a half hour to get our food...ok, I actually had mine in about 15 min. but Britt's took another 15. She was blessed w/extra due to the fact that they skipped and then completely forgot her order. Great pick huh?

Once we'd filled our tummies we headed on to see Nichole at work. Mostly because we couldn't think of another thing to mean, because I really missed my sister.
It was boring there too though.

Well, until Britt opted to try to make off w/one of the wheelchairs right next to the nurses station. (It's amazing Nichole even still has a job at this point...)

They just muttered something about her now needing to be registered after all the germs she's probably just picked up. This worked like a charm. She couldn't have returned that wheelchair much faster.
All the nurses cracked up at this response and then began offering her hand sanitizer...which she decided to take.
Wondering aloud if it was the kind w/lotion in it, she was rewarded with a bottle of spray lotion...which she quickly started applying only to have them laughingly tell her it was for ppls..."bottoms".
At first there was disbelief, followed by label reading, and then much laughter after realizing that it really was.

Needless to say next year...I'm staying home.


Daisy said...

=) i guess we have that in common
(not doing anything on new years eve) i've stopped that since i was like 12 LoL
But it sounds like you had a lot of fun despite that fact you didnt really plaan anything.
&& ur friend rubbing "bottom" lotion on her hands...hilarious.
btw- my name's daisy && i was just browsing && found ur blog. its really kewl && this comment is getting to be too long so i'l stop...NOW!

Ike said...

hey, we called you in the middle of our party, did you catch the voice mail? (we were calling from our house phone)

TKB said...

Daisy: I'm glad you liked it...thx for the comment. Happy New Year!

Ike: So that was YOU?!? I didn't know who it was and the number came up unknown so I didn't have a way to find out. Anyway, thanks for the was funny.

That Girl In Switzerland said...

I like your pic of the bridge! I am personally acquainted with that bridge. Have you been to the river walk that is really close to it on the other side in Covington? My favorite statue in the world is there!

TKB said...

TGIS: Can't say that I have been to that river walk...I'll put it on my "to do" list. And I'll look for the statue.

I remember riding w/you, Nichole, and Kim my freshman yr. to the lock-in and somehow we ended up on that was my first time across actually. :D