Thursday, January 29, 2009


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Once upon a snowy day...

there was a city under siege of ice and snow.

In the mist of this snow there was a distressed damsel.

The damsel had a problem...she needed to be rescued from the evil ruler of the University Hospital.

So she decided to call upon the help of two of her closest companions...

(one captured all their efforts in still life portraits, while the other was in charge of manning their carriage of choice).

This led to an adventure through snow, ice, and the darkness of the night. Not to mention many laughs and sheer stupidity...(and a quick stop at Micky D's).

All ended well for the three intrepid adventurers. They made it through the ice, snow, and darkness of the night. Then they lived happily ever after...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

7 Words...

Lord of the Rings marathon!!! (extended version)

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Just thought I'd let you all have a glimpse of the secret goings on in my D-group(Discipleship group). Here are a few pictures I took last night at our first gathering of the semester.

I really like this D-group. The girls are great, and very honest. You can sense the desire of everyone to do God's will and to have more of Him. I really appreciate this!

Not to mention, we have a fantabulistic leader!!! Ms. V is so good at allowing for fellowship, humor, etc. while still being able to bring things around to whatever our topic for the evening happens to be. She's also good about having some form of handout that we follow.

I like that so that I can cement it in my head better by reading along with, writing down thoughts, and being able to look back. I tend to have about a thousand thoughts come to mind throughout our meetings and it's nice to write some of it down, or to have a memory trigger from the handout. All in all I think I'm in just the right D-group for me this year, and for that I'm thankful.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Myth Busters

According to myth there is a rare species know as Eprofittus that does not smile.
It is also myth that they do not laugh or show any form of emotion whatsoever.

This however is all just that -- MYTH!

I have done hours of scientific research to support my claim, and now have proof in the form of digital images. (Not to mention numerous sightings by other researchers.)

Why this myth has remained in circulation is due mostly to the fact that Eprofittus enjoys messing with the minds of those met in public places.
The setting is usually the key in busting the myth on this one.

In public -- no smiles.

At home (or in a familiar and comfortable setting) -- smiles, laughter, and interaction.

Below you will see a few samples of my findings that will later be published in my book entitled, Research and study of the life of an Eprofittus.


(This 1st photo was actually captured by chance in the cafeteria...I was using my top of the line field equipment -- my cell phone)

(This picture was taken after his tummy had been filled with cake and pizza -- he responds well to that.)

(Surprisingly this one was prior to the cake and pizza, but he was in good spirits due to the guest he had the pleasure of entertaining.)

(Motorcycle. Need I say more? It's a Profittus thing...)

(This last one was just snapped at some point during my field research.)

Needless to say, I believe I have enough proof for anyone that believed this myth and if not, I know where to find more. I hope you all will correct this misconception if ever given the opportunity.


While listening

Click. From the desk falls the pencil-

hitting the floor that lacks carpet.

The drone covers distraction-

giving boredom and stiffness control.

Thoughts and emotion drift distant-

Looming relief hangs on the wall.

Monday, January 19, 2009

High tech generation...

I don't mean my generation. I'm talking about my parents...and their parents. (No, I'm not kidding.)

My Grandma worked for years doing bookkeeping for the Salvation army, so she had to learn to adjust and keep up with the changing technology -- or get left behind. Amusingly enough she did just that. There are plenty of new things since her retirement that she's not familiar with now, but she makes up for that in other areas. For instance, her cell Grandma has a cell phone, AND she knows how to text message...AND she sent me picture mail the other day as well!!!

What's that saying about "teaching"...and "new tricks," or something like that? She's one high tech granny in her circles. And I love it!

Grandpa can text too. I haven't received any picture mail from him yet, but maybe it's on its way...

My Mom's generation is a fairly tech savvy anyway, but on occasion I still enjoy watching them try to keep up. She's good with her cell phone, and finally figured out how to change her call tone from that boring ringing the caller hears to some lively Amy Grant tune. This amused me. Now on top of that she's created a blog(with a little help from me, but not all that much really)! It can be found at:

I can't seem to become more advanced than my predecessors...they're just too smart for me -- and I may be lacking the desire. No matter the cause for my lack of advancement, I just couldn't resist bragging on my family...they do a Generation "Y" child proud...

Anyway, check out my Mom's blog and let me know what you's funny cause the music is sooo her(that's where I get most of my musical tastes)!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Home is where....?

Here's a look at a few of the houses I've lived in around Cincy. I was driving past one, and decided to snap a pic of the ones that are near by. I'm still missing at least two I can think of...maybe more.

Home Sweet...dorm. (This was actually the first home I had in whole family lived here for several weeks while looking for a house. This was during the summer, so we lived on 2nd floor.)

My first ever apartment! (along w/my sis -- and a friend for a few weeks)

249 Bodman (My family bought this together with my aunt and uncle. We lived in the top two floors and they lived in the bottom.)

The One Roomer (This was a one room apartment that we lived in while looking for a bigger house. My parents and Letha shared a room and the rest of us girls had the "dining room" as our abode. We had shifts for eating in the tiny!)

I may try to track down the other houses, but probably'd be interesting if I had a pic of every house I've lived in. That'd take forever though, and cost a ton.

In looking at these pics, I realized that my "Home" is GBS. I've moved a lot and never really knew where home was, but in the past few years I think I've figured it out. Home is where your heart is...and right now my heart is at GBS.
No matter how far away, or how many years go by, I'm pretty sure I will always be able to walk back onto "the hilltop" and feel right at home.

I have grown so much in my years here, both intellectually and spiritually. I've been challenged, pushed, and encouraged, I have had opportunities to stretch and grow like never before, some ending in triumph, others in what felt like complete and total failure, but no matter how things have turned out, I'm still here -- every day. I have friendships that will last a lifetime, and memories that will be a bright spot in those lonely, dark moments sure to come.

I am not the same person I was when I walked onto this campus that sunny Monday morning in August 2006. I am smarter, stronger, and closer to God. I am so very blessed and for every blessing I am incredible thankful!