Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Earning my keep

This is the norm in my day. Day in and day out...

Life! It's wonderful...

On Christmas Eve I did something I've never done before...I watched It's A Wonderful Life.
After having admitted this to several of my friends they urged me to join the multitude that considers this one of the holiday musts. Never one to be left behind(actually I was incredibly bored), I joined the masses.

To be honest, it would never have been one of my favorites, but I did enjoy it. It had that classic feel, and was of course thought provoking.

After it was over I kept wondering who all my life has touched, and in what way? Positive, negative, anything noteworthy?

Some days I would love to have the chance to see what the world would be like w/o me.
It might make me feel better for being here after all...but in the corners of my mind I wonder -- would I feel better?
Did I change or help anything at all?
What kind of affect do I leave on people that I cross paths with?

This isn't a movie I will probably watch over and over, but I will think about it. What kind of impact am I leaving and what kind do I want to leave?

How bout' you...are you proud of how you've affected/are affecting those around you?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Meet Doris

This is new best friend. I think I'm in love. My mom said ppl are going to think I'm married to this thing...I'm not sure I care.

I knew she needed a name, and for whatever reason Doris came out of no where on Christmas day.
Nichole looked it up once I dropped her off at work, and texted me to let me know it was an appropriate choice. It means gift or bounty...seems fitting don't ya think?

Anyway, I'm already enjoying my new toy tons...much to my family's dismay. They like it too, but are already threatening me with death due to some blackmail worthy photos and video clips. *sigh* It's too much fun!

Hope you all are having as much fun driving your families crazy as I am! Take care, and be good(ish). :D

A view of my 25th...

My favorite Christmas tree ornament. I created it on a field trip when I was probably around 6ish.

A bit of the aftermath...

Poor Dakota!

Our huge tree...any smaller and we couldn't fit all our ornaments on it.

Mom finally got her rocking chair from Cracker Barrel


Here's a few more of myself and the fam being goofey.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

A little update:

So here's a bit of what I've been up lately.

Charity was telling me about this book b/f break, and said I should read it sometime. I ended up finding it at Half Price Books last week, along with many other treasures(such as The Importance of Being Earnest, all three of the original Star Wars movies in book/script form, Les Misrebles, and a few others) and decided to just go ahead and buy it.
It had me from the first page. I love books like that! I suppose all the collateral reading has taken away some of my desire to sit and read, so finding a book that just hooks me in from the beginning it wonderful.
It was both weird, and really good. I liked it's oddness...that's probably why it sucked me in, I haven't read anything quite like that b/f. It does bring up some interesting questions though about oneself...


Also, Mom has been cooking, as have Jocilyn, Nichole, and myself. Well, I mostly try to get out of it, but I've done some. I enjoy cooking at times and am quite capable, I simply prefer to do it of my own free will and at my own pace. Another words, I don't like having a "head chef with an agenda".

Anyway, I'm having a great Christmas and enjoying my family! We've had fun playing some new board games, watching some "Christmas musts," and just being together. This morning a new aspect was added with the gift giving and receiving.
I love watching everyone's reactions to their gifts! Not to mention of course getting to play with my own my new Cannon Powershot A470!!! So exciting!

I think my favorite gift was the one labeled: "The Barr Kids" was a Nintendo Wii. My parents are crazy! Not to mention way to old to be diving around the living room like that. You really should see mom play tennis on that's hilarious! I'll try to get a video of it.

Anyway, here are just a few candids I managed to snap on my new toy this morning...enjoy and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A moment for reflection...

Today God reminded me of who He is. I was at one of the houses I clean and I had been talking to Him for about three hrs. off and on while I thought about my life and the many things surrounding it.
I kept wondering how God could ever use me. What if my hurts, fears, short comings, and so many other things started to overcome me...would I be strong enough?

That's when God decided I needed a visual. OK, maybe God didn't cause this to happen but He certainly used it.
As I was vacuuming in the family room I heard a loud bang on the window behind me. In reaction I jumped, and turned just in time to see the bushes outside the window moving. I walked across the floor and started trying to locate whatever had hit the window. I finally found was a tiny sparrow.

I immediately had a sick feeling in my gut. Oh no-it's dead. As I stood, with my nose pressed to the glass trying to get a closer look, it started to breathe. Thank goodness! It wasn't this point.
Then I realized I couldn't really do anything, and if it couldn't fly it was as good as dead. For whatever reason I began to pray. "God, You remember that verse in the Bible that says You know even when a sparrow falls...well this one did, please help it.

God kept pricking my mind with, "How much more do I know and love you than this little bird?"

I stood watching, the little sparrow opened its eyes and started blinking. I kept praying, begging God to help it fly away. Knowing this was an inner struggle more for myself than for the bird. Would God come through? Would He supply the strength?

As I looked on it just lay perfectly still, not moving at all other than to breathe. Then in a split second I saw it rise off the ground almost effortlessly, and dart into the nearest bush.

At the exact same moment a huge hawk swept down, talons aimed exactly where the sparrow had been only a second earlier.

It all happened so fast that I didn't have time to react other than a gasp when the hawk entered the picture. After it was all done I heard my delayed cry of "NO!" hanging in the air.

Then I realized it was OK. The sparrow had escaped and all had ended well.


The sparrow had waited patiently, not trying to push itself before it was ready and able to fly, but for just the right time -- God's timing. Any earlier and it might have been to weak to take off, any later and it wouldn't have had the opportunity.

I couldn't believe what I'd just witnessed. God is so amazing. Not just because of the sparrow. Yes, that blew me away and gave me an amazing visual, but He showed me more than the ability to care for a bird.
If I will be patient, if I can let Him walk me through the hard times, the things I don't understand, I know I can come out victorious...because His strength is perfect, and He is the one and only Almighty God.

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.
—Matthew 10:29-31

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My frosted evening

I must say that snow is not my favorite thing. Most ppl know this by now, but it's interesting to try to get them to realize that I'm very serious about it. Most assume I'm over exaggerating my disdain for the white, fluffy substance -- I am not.

For instance, this afternoon my lovely dorm neighbor(not the across-the-hall buddy) was absolutely ecstatic and dying to go sledding the second she thought there was enough to slide on. This was of course a sport she thought I needed to join in on. Ba hum bug! I didn't enjoy this as a child, and I still don't. What is so great about frozen underwear anyway?!?
Since coming to school I believe I have only gone sledding once(unless you count tubing at Perfect North) and I think that was due to momentary insanity. Needless to say, I didn't join my fair friend...I'm sure she enjoyed it more without me whining.


My frosted evening, however, was exactly what the doctor ordered(or would have ordered if I even had a doctor). I spent it at some friends house, along with my all-to-happy-about-sledding buddy. We had some great hamburgers for dinner, and then just relaxed, chatting and playing with Tinkertoys...OK only me and the two yr. old really played much.
I had so much fun. I was in a warm and safe house, with cozy lighting, festive decorations, and ppl I love. We laughed, teased, and just enjoyed the company. It was one of those evenings that made me truly relax, and simply enjoy the little things.
We played the dice version of Phase Ten, which was new for me, but it was fun too. I liked that it wasn't something we had to be completely focused on, we could play leisurely and still chat as topics arose.
All in all, the evening was a exactly what I needed. A perfect end to a cold and slushy day, complete with hot chocolate and extra marshmallows...but no cookie dough.


I'm so excited...OK you probably won't think it's all that great, but I just added a slide show to my blog!

It's not necessarily new pics, but they're happy pics to me because they're a compilation of different times I've had a camera around while on the ice. They range from my freshman yr. til now...enjoy!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Where I can actually leave my shower stuff in the shower.

Where I can catch up on laundry...yeah clean socks!

Where I can veg in all parts of the building in my pj's(if I so choose).

Where there is a real Christmas tree, complete w/lights, tinsel, and every decoration we could find a place for.

Where I don't eat the food and think, "It's just not quite like Mom's".

Where I can cuddle up with my little brother to watch a cartoon(if he'll sit still long enough).

Finally...where Christmas becomes more than just a holiday.


I'm really looking forward to the down time I'm hoping to get over break. I still have to work, but hopefully I should be able to sleep in a little, watch some movies, take a nap, read a book, take a nap, eat some home cooking, take a nap, hang out with my family, and maybe take a nap...

I may just disappear for the next three weeks, so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! Remember the reason for the season, stay safe, have fun, eat much, laugh often, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Changing the enviroment

No, I don't mean "Going Green" and all that jazz...even as wonderful as all that stuff is. I mean my personal environment, aka-my room.

This semester I promised myself I would do better in the area of tidiness.

See, when you spend most of your week cleaning entire houses(not your own) there is a tendency to not "feel like" cleaning when you get home...or in my case back to the dorm. I was doing so well...until this week. Final projects, exams, last minute reading, notebooks, and so much can a person find time to get it all done along with keeping their room clean???

OK, I'm fairly confident that someone out there did(SHOWOFF!!!) but that someone was not me. I decided to "let it all go". Wow. What a truly horrible idea! I don't handle that so well anymore. I found myself avoiding my room entirely, and dreading having to come back for any reason. That is pathetic.

So, last night, having no test to study for, reading due, or notebooks to finish, I decided that cleaning was a must! I took it upon myself to tidy everything, and then for some unknown reason, to rearrange my room.

OK, I couldn't really rearrange the furniture(those of you who've seen it understand), but I could rearrange the things on the bookshelves, and any other odds-an-ends I might so choose. I did all this with great enthusiasm, even going so far as to kidnap my across-the-hall-buddy and make her view the finished 1:30AM!!! (Thanks Kimberlee)

All in all, I'm quite pleased. Not to mention amazed at how much that boosted my spirits, and helped my outlook. Sometimes all you may need is a little change of environment...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I think I just survived my last late night of the semester. OK, nothings to say it will for sure be the last, but I think it's the last one that is necessary. Any to follow last night will be my own stupidity...which actually might be what last night was anyway. (I knew I should've stolen that book in order to keep up w/my hw.)

One of the books I needed for a class this semester actually went out of print a couple weeks into the class! So in order to find them you had to look online, and the price was not quite double.

Being the obstinate type, I refused to pay more than the rest of the class for the same book. So I got crazy behind. Everyone was vying for that goofy book, and I couldn't find a copy to borrow, until two days b/f it was due-complete with chapter questions...insanity! I finally crawled into bed just b/f 4am...

God is so good though. I was able to find the book, read it, finish the questions, and wake up for class. Not to mention that it works out for me to not work today, but to go another day, so I can now sleep instead.

I know this might seem like little things to most, but to me it's yet another time to give God praise. He cares about those little details and works them out for me...even when I handicap myself by not biting the bullet and paying extra for a book.

I still have a few things to finish up and I think two fairly simple finals, but the worst is behind me. So, don't give up! You too will make it!!!

I wish you all the best on your finals...or as Doc. Brown has prayed, "God, help them to remember what they studied, and guess well on the rest."

Monday, December 8, 2008

How to cook a peacock: By A. Bored Student

I really like Starbucks lemon loaf. Especially the icing. (Lemon anything is usually good)

Coffee Emporium has wonderful everything...OK, I'm sure that's not completely accurate. Besides I've never gotten to try everything, so how would I know anyway? One of these days, when I'm rich, I plan to waltz right in there and order one of everything...that'd be fun. Wonder how they'd handle that order...

As I type Britt stands holding a nerf gun trying to shoot anything and everything that she can get the darts to stick to. It's particularly funny to watch her sight it in and aim for for own aiming at the mirror.

This is only one sign of the restlessness that is taking over the dorm. I, myself, prefer denying the fact that there even is such a thing as homework or finals. Instead, I blog. I read. I chat. I dance with glee to Christmas tunes...uh, not really. (I just sort of bob my head in time with the music.)

*In honor of Nichole:

I made myself a snowball,
As perfect as could be,
I thought I'd keep it as a pet,
And let it sleep with me.

I made it some pajamas,
And a pillow for its head,
Then last night it ran away,
But first - it wet the bed!

(Written by Shel Silverstein)

I wish I had a block of sharp cheddar cheese and some Dr. Pepper...

My family likes cheese. I don't have a fridge to keep it in though. My room kinda feels like a fridge though. I usually leave the fan running. This is due to the fact that I enjoy white noise. The hum of my computer isn't loud enough. I just wear warm pj's and leave the fan on...besides then I can sled in my room. And keep cheese in the dresser...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

All in a day...

I awoke very unwillingly this morning, but my blessed alarm (which I so wittingly had to have...and on the ground level of my condo-in order to convince me to awake)would not be telepathically silenced.
So I rolled (figuratively) out of bed, and to my horror was staring out my window at snow. I knew it was going to be a..."long(I will bless the Lord at all times.)" day.

Kim's chocolate chip pancakes were wonderful! And much appreciated after trudging through snow.

Finally we-Leanna, Cheryl, Kimberly, Ms. V, and myself-hit the thrift stores.

OK, not literally...Kim has good brakes. (Even though she prefers not to use them on yellow. Really it was quite considerate. Otherwise whiplash might have ensued.)

Found some good deals. Mostly books. Some for myself, others for family members. Oh, and I bought some brand new winter boots. That was exciting.

I did manage to squeeze in a short nap b/f heading over to get ready for the Christmas program tonight. It was nice -- the nap.

The program was too. I remembered more of my words tonight than I did last night.

Nichole got her Christmas present from me today. It was a, tween age kitty. They're too hard to keep a secret if you're a dorm student.

It's a rescued kitty from Kristen and Zach's neighborhood. His name is Oliver...he's an orphan. Quite the cutie if you ask me. She was very excited. Cats are smarter than dogs. At least they're smarter than her dog. But then again so is your average rock...

Kristen and Zach took me to Caribou Coffee for the first time ever. I really liked their coffee! I had a Ho Ho Mint's made w/white chocolate. Mm mm!

Chatted w/some friends, and then ventured into cyberspace...that about wraps it up. Twas' fun. Nite all!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Right Focus

Today, as I was returning from a trip to Indy, I realized Dad should have been a NASCAR driver.
I realized this as I tried to keep pace with him on the highway.

Having joined the family in a quick visit to my aunt's house, we were now headed back to Cincy at this point.
I had come another route and had no clue how to get back from their house, so I was following...this is never the ideal place to be with Dad.

Several months ago I took it upon myself to become a (mostly)law abiding citizen and follow the speed limit at all times(this was due to a certain infraction of this new chosen lifestyle that will remain undisclosed).

Now I found myself faced with the options of flooring it to keep up or, making Indiana my new home. I tried the whole "middle ground" thing and would keep him within view. This didn't work either though, due to his constantly changing lanes. Cruise control was definitely not an option!

Finally we managed to get a semi normal pace and make it home, but as this all was unfolding, God created a metaphor for me.

Every time my Dad got out of sight I became alarmed, thinking I was lost. I wouldn't make it, I couldn't do this on my own...

...then, I would get my eyes back on him
and my world once again was right. I knew I was safe, and not on my own.

In fact, every now and again, when I could no longer see him,
I would get a telephone call asking me how far back I was.
They were checking up on me...

How much more does this apply to my life with my Heavenly Father...?
He's had to call to check up on me so many times.

And what about when I'm afraid that I've taken a wrong turn, and won't be able to correct my mistake?
He's always waiting with the directions I need.

God is such a good Heavenly Father, and He never fails to remind me of that...

I long to have God be my true focus, to make Him the only one I worry about keeping in view.

Friday, November 28, 2008

*Red Friday

The term "Black Friday" has been changed(on my authority) to "Red Friday". This is due to shopping store officials witnessing large amounts of blood being drawn by their customers.

I was almost one such customer my first yr. joining this sport. I was minding my own business, when out of no where a little old lady attacked me! She literally shoved me out of her way and grabbed something in front of me. Crazy woman!

This yr. I realized I have become practiced in the art of dodging, grabbing, running, diving, swerving, and many other "secret" techniques used for this hallowed American tradition. I am quite proud of my process and success in *Red Friday proceedings.

I was able to cross six ppl off of my proverbial list. I feel like a conqueror. I prevailed! I am the ultimate shopper...OK, not really, but I had fun. (And bought myself a few new things as well. ;)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tis' the season...I guess

Today I shopped.

I bought a fake, red metal, Christmas tree...

And a candy jar with snow flakes on it.

Along with two snowman figurines...

And a stocking for my door.

I suppose I accidentally got ahead of myself w/Christmas joy.


(Oh, and I will be adding Christmas music to my blog soon...if not tonight actually.)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What I'm doing for my heart...

My freshman yr. in college I was privileged to attend the spring missions retreat. This took place in Gatlinburg, and was a ton of fun.

One of the highlights were the daily devotionals we had as a group w/Andrea Whitman. We had one in the mornings, and then an evening devotional as well. This was an exciting time of renewing and refreshing from God and a time to bond w/my fellow students.

Andrea spoke on several key topics, but one of the ones that I'll probably never forget was on taking care of your heart. Now, she didn't mean physically caring for it as in eating right and exercising, although she mentioned those things in passing.
Basically, she explained that we all have needs, whether they're emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual. Sometimes we allow ourselves to get completely overloaded and we forget to take care of those needs.
(Not that we should always keep ourselves the center focus, but there should be a balance between both.)

Her challenge to us was that we purposefully find a hobby -- reading, fishing, jogging, or something else we enjoyed -- and actually make sure we plan to do it. She explained how this was protecting our hearts from burnout. The other stipulation to the challenge was that we find a person in the group that we could check up on a couple months after the retreat, and then have them do the same for us.

I thought this was an interesting idea, and decided to keep it in mind, but lately I've realized just how hard this can be. I keep myself so incredible busy that I don't have time to stop for much of anything. In fact, even my "leisure time" is usually busy to the max.
I'm getting better slowly, but it's harder than I expected.

For instance, I love to read, but since coming to college that has almost become a none existent hobby. Only in the last two weeks have I really latched on to the idea that I could still enjoy reading if I wanted to, and that I would just have to make time for I have.

And I love it! I had forgotten how much I missed it. It's like being back w/old friends. Right now I'm simply rereading some of my favorites, and that is plenty good enough for me.

So let me ask you...what are you doing to take care of your heart?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Follow up to 4:42

Well, I went to sleep almost 6! Completely messed up my whole Saturday!!! Wanna know why? I'm so sure you do.

I haven't been getting enough sleep lately at all, and I knew I didn't have anything pressing to do today so I could sleep as long as I wanted -- which mean I set no alarm. *sigh*
I finally ended up coming to at 3:49!!! Only ten hrs of sleep, but still! My day is gone! Oh well, I feel much better.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday!


I can't believe it's 4:42 and I'm wide awake! Grr. My plan was to go ice skate, then come back and crash...maybe sleep til 10 or 11. Now I have no reason to be awake, I just am. It's quite frustrating. I haven't been free to just sleep, and to sleep as long as I want, for several weeks now. Of course since I can now I can't get to sleep!!! *sigh*

What a nuisance...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Always amazed...

I serve the coolest God! I'm continually amazed at how fast He works sometimes, and at how clearly He uses ppl to help us learn about Him.

Today I had an appointment.

I was supposed to meet with an advisor for an "advice session" on my future internship. Last week I went to ask for this advice, and he requested some time to think it over. Knowing this was a good way to get good advice, I agreed.

Meanwhile, I began praying that God would either use him to show me what I hadn't factored in yet, or to reaffirm my own plan.

From praying this I began to think about all the pros and cons myself. God showed me several things I hadn't thought of, or been willing to acknowledge yet. He was dealing with me slowly, and patiently.

God used this advisor to completely reaffirm my new thoughts concerning this internship and my future, and to challenge me to face some fears and unknowns with God's help.
Amazing! Once God started changing my own ideas, I wanted reassurance about the changes...and He did just that through this advisor.


After my appointment, I headed off to chapel to think through all that had been discussed, and to try to process it and see where that left me standing...

God, in His perfect timing, had a guest speaker there, to share a little about Gideon. He talked about the exact feelings, concerns, and fears that I'd just argued, questioned, and cried about concerning my future.
I walked into chapel this morning praying that God would continue to talk to me, and He did.

I am so blessed!
God took the time to reassure my feeble mind, and questioning heart, and to tell me that He is in control...I simply have to trust Him. *Thank You Heavenly Father*.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Memory Lane...

Today I took a trip down memory lane. I have been having random songs from the musical Annie pop into my head the last few weeks, so I decided it was high time I bought the soundtrack.

I found it this afternoon at Joseph Beth Books, and oh the excitement. I drove back to school singing Hard-Knock Life and Tomorrow at octaves no one should have to endure. (I only do that when I'm alone...see I'm thoughtful like that) Anyway, it brought back fun memories, and happy feelings. Everyone should own a copy...

Monday, November 17, 2008


I was flipping through radio stations as I headed back to the school one evening last week, and finally decided to listen to a drama of the pilgrims unfolding. I must say I have never really been a huge fan of radio drama, but this one sounded interesting.

As the story unfolded the speaker brought out some interesting points I have never given much thought to. He talked about the pilgrims unwavering faith in God to protect them in this new, and strange land. They knew going into this that hardships would follow, but their faith and determination held them steadfast in their decision. Many, actually most, lost at least one loved one, if not more, and the other trials they faced must have seemed insurmountable, but they pressed on.

I am proud to say that our country's roots are in the Christian faith, although we daily have grown further from this. I want to look at this Thanksgiving holiday with a different point of view. I am choosing to be a pilgrim in today's America. I will pursue the faith of my heritage, and with God's help show others the way. I am thankful.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

How entertaining...

This weekend, my life's featured events were as follows:

1) Fun "kung fu" movie night -- Kung Fu Panda & The Forbidden Kingdom w/Jackie Chan and Jet Li

2) Crazy, rainy day shopping(fun also) -- w/Britt

3) Amazingly fun trip to the Arnoff center -- H.M.S. Pinafore

4) and finally...Kids club chaos -- no other words discribe

It was a very entertaining weekend to say the least. I rather enjoyed myself. Hope yours was a winner...

Oh! and just a side note: Check out Nichole's new blog at

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Balancing Act...

I'm becoming an expert on the trapeze. College is a green house for these kind of skills...

Classes, work, ministry, social life, but above all...God and His Word. These are what I'm learning to balance.

My advice: a good night's sleep, a schedule to follow, a snazzy outfit, and maybe some coffee.

Photo courtesy of:

Monday, November 10, 2008

A look at my thoughts...

Today as I worked my mind kept drifting from one thing to the next. There was a conversation that I'd had with a friend that just keep replaying in my mind.

I had a long and emotion draining day last Fri. and I decided to ignore the little voice telling me to pray about it. Instead I sent a message to a good friend via Facebook. In it I vented, and oh the venting I did! Now I'm quite embarrassed at how childish, selfish, and pathetic I sounded, but at the time it all seemed so true and I didn't care if I was whining.

There were many things discussed in this message, one of which was how I felt about the roles of friendships in my life, or you could say the expectations I have concerning friendships. What I received back was so true, but reading it felt like taking a knife to my gut. My friend told me very nicely, without sugar coating it, that my expectations of a friend were unreasonable. Then preceded to explain their meaning. Wow! Not what I'd expected...but there I went again expecting things. In thinking about excerpt of our conversation I've realized just how right this person is. I expect way to much from my mere mortal friends.

Why do I expect the things I know to be true of God, to be true in my human relationships? Here are just a few thoughts that ran through my brain...

* God is always with me -- my friends can't be at my beck and call 24/7...neither should they be.

* God knows exactly how I'm feeling all the time and when I need His presence most -- my friends can't read my emotions to know the highs and lows every time, and foresee them coming...they can't know exactly when I want them to be there for me.

* God can provide anything I will ever need -- my friends can't take care of all my needs, they are limited.

* God always has my best interest in mind -- my friends want me to be happy and successful, but probably not at their own expense.

* God sent His only Son to redeem my soul -- my friends don't even come close on this one...

Basically, I realized that if my friends met all the criteria that I was trying to impose on them, I wouldn't need God. He would be just like all my other friends. This thought astounded me. While I've been busy looking at the errors in my human relationships, I've missed many opportunities to marvel at God's perfectness and lack of errors. He fulfills what I'm looking for so perfectly, and yet I manage to overlook that day after day.

God forgive me...and thank you for being all I need in a friend.

Ba Hum Bug!

So Halloween is over...big deal!!! Let's wait just a bit ppl for the Christmas cheer. I hate walking into a store, any store...specifically Walmart and seeing Christmas lights, trees, decorations of every shape, size, and color, and yet it's only 12:01 AM on the 31 of Oct. OK, maybe it's not quite that bad yet, but it's close, very close! I mean, come on, the candy is still be stored in the plastic pumpkin bucket!

Oh, and the music! Can't we just celebrate Thanksgiving first then progress from that point? Do we really need Christmas music this early? Even I understand the whole "Christmas in July" effect...but it ain't July!!!

*Sigh* Along w/this rushing of holiday cheer comes the cold weather, and this too causes me much grief. See, I enjoy a well balanced where I can wear a single outfit -- instead of three and calling it "layering".
Not to mention this chill in the air brings forth the invariable roasting of the female dorm students. (Actually many still complain that their rooms are freezing, while others of us open windows, pack away our blankets, and turn on fans throughout the winter months)

I suppose I am the campus "Scrooge" and will be completely disagreed w/on this subject, but I don't care. Scrooge stood alone(until the end of the story where he had to go and change his point of view!), and so shall I!

And don't even get me started on snow...grr

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mid Semester Blues...

OK, so I'm to that point in the semester where I'm tired, and good grades and being on time to class are no longer my highest priority. In fact they have both drastically dropped on my Importance Ranking Scale.

If only I'd followed my gut instinct a few months ago and applied for my'd be adios amigos! But alas this cannot be, I am a captive in my own Bible college?

OK OK...enough procrastination...I am getting off here and...checking my facebook :) Nite!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Oh the drama!!!

Recently I had the privelage of going to see one of the plays at the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. (check out more pics on my photo link)

This was a first time experience for me, and one that I would gladly live over. The play I went to was based on the Jane Austen book Emma, and it was in musical form.
I was accompanied by my mom, two of my sisters, and Kimberly Brown-who had never seen, heard, or read a single Jane Austen anything. We had such a blast! Our seats were in the direct center and absolutely amazing! As for the casting of the characters the Playhouse did an incredible job with everyone, especially the lead character Emma herself, and her counter part, Mr. Knightly.

The story is probably my favorite Jane Austen's funny, sweet and all in all one of those perfect romances. Now granted, not entirely true to life, well at least not mine, but highly enjoyable. The running banter between the characters is so much fun, and even though the play was incredibly long it completely holds your attention through to the end. I would highly recommend this to anyone asking about it, although it's no longer playing as of sad!

In parting...
"Miss Bates: It left us speechless, quite speechless I tell you, and we have not stopped talking of it since!"

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Some of my make-shift family...


Just thought I'd add a quick pic to give a peak into my life this past week...enjoy!

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I survived the power outage of o8!

I love the creativity that flows from boredom. It is itself the "Mother of Invention" if you ask me...necessity shemessity! You see...I just spent a entire week living with my family of seven, their three dogs, cat, hamster, and an additional seven guests. These guest were refugees of the recent Cincinnati power outage, and also good friends of mine...until this week. No, really it wasn't that bad, it was fun actually and entertaining. I came away with the belief that the only real way to get to know your friends is through power failure...

So the creativity I mentioned...well it probably started before we even left campus, right about when Isaac created a Styrofoam and straw car. Then it continued throughout the evening as people turned cell phones into flash lights, and decided that the silence of electric should be filled with a "sing off" against opposing sides of the street...this included, but was not limited to, Christmas carols.

At my parents house the creativity continued with choice of bedding. One unnamed soul slept on a beanbag, while still others opted for the (unused) giant dog bed. As a form of entertainment tribal war painting ceremonies ensued, recreating still life portraits occurred, and males washing the dishes was witnessed. The list of odd occurrences is to long to recall, but from it all I feel that the family, the students, the dogs, cat, and yes...even the hamster have all bonded into a make-shift family of sorts and will always laugh at the memories from this week...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Things we say we'll never do...

How many times have I said, "I will never do such and such" or some other phrase along the same lines? Well, last week I fulfilled one of the ones that I was for sure, definitely, never going to do...I moved back in with my parents! Now, don't get me wrong, it's not that we're not on speaking terms or any such thing, but it's the principle of the thing. Isn't there some unwritten code of the "cool" that states you should never return to the parentals home once you've left. Maybe not, but it has always seemed like doing so was a no-no.

This move is only for the summer months, til I will return to my second home...the GBS girls dorm. Now there is a real taboo, calling the dorm "home". As freshman we teased that we would never actually call GBS (the dorm specifically) "home". I remember the groans when they accidentally called the dorm "home". This was not supposed to be mixed up with the place of comfort, the comfy bed, apple pies and stories read at bed time...OK, that isn't any home I've been in, but the sentiment is there. I think it's interesting how that transition happens, when things shift from "the dorm" to "home".

I know that it may be annoying to some to confuse the two, but to me it really is my "home" of sorts. It's where I've spent the most years in school, where I've met most of my friends, and where I remember so many memories. I have developed intellectually, socially, and most importantly, spiritually. GBS has played a crucial part in the forming of my life. My parents knew that their kids would receive a solid Christian education here, and that they would be backed up by God-fearing, Bible-believing Christians that could make or break their view of the Holiness faith and its people. This is the place we called home during my 6th-9th grade yrs. and now from my Freshman til graduation yrs. :-D GBS is my home on this earth, and will always have a "warm, fuzzy" in my heart...even the dorms.